Monday, November 26, 2007


We had a GREAT Thanksgiving!

We got to Lubbock by 10am and it was snowing. I made my (Pierce) sweet potato casserole for Jessica & we all helped my mom get ready for lunch. It was amazing.

Thursday night, Cole was MISERABLE. He was awake from about 10:30-2:00am. The only thing we can figure is that he was homesick or scared. At 4:45am, my mom woke me up to go shopping. We got to Target by 5:30 & made it in at 6am. I got Cole (SHHH :)) a red wagon! We did some other shopping as well. By the way, do NOT eat at Cracker Barrell in Lubbock. It has horrible service and takes forever. I'll try it again at a different MAYBE they can redeem themselves.

Saturday was the big Schwertner Thanksgiving at the farm. Grandma's yummy turkey & dressing is my favorite. I've made the turkey before, but this year I'm going to try & make her dressing for Christmas.

I got to see many aunts & uncles and cousins. My cousin Shannon told us the story about meeting her biological mother (she's adopted). It meant so much when she said that "we" are her real family. I love that girl no matter WHAT! And I'm proud of her no matter what.

My uncle who hasn't been to Thanksgivings in a while was there also. It was great to see his family as well.

Last year my Grandpa was in the hospital and I was so thankful to see him that last time. This year, the family seems to be growing tothether (or trying to), and I know that would make Grandpa so happy. I hope it continues! I want to continue these Schwertner holidays for a long time!

And of course I saw my BFF Amber and her sister Afton, Jessica...the best sister ever...and little sister ever...AND Momma & DAddy & Grandma. What a great time!

(I know that was written like a 7th grader...but that's the mindset I have! haha)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm a web designer!

So I decided to make a website for my sister-in-law...Kendra...and her photography business (By the way...she's amazing).

Here's the website!

Let me know what you think! Be honest! We want it to be great! It's just a rough draft now...but there will be information/prices/faq...etc, and a link to a flickr album!


My own page! I made a separate page for me (and justin). The other one will be for Cole!

Yay!!! I have my own page!!!!!