Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Egg Drop

Every year at Ms. Angie’s preschool, there is Humpty Dumpty day.  This is the day that the kids drop an egg from the “fort” at her school and see if their egg survives.  The kids have to pack their plastic baggy with things to help the egg survive.  Some parents do all the planning for the kids (understandable…they are 3 & 4), but we like for our kids to plan it out on their own!  Last year Cole wanted to use bread.  He & Justin planned it out and ended up using hamburger buns & carving out a spot for the egg.  It worked!  This year he has said paper towels from day one.  SO…since Justin has been out of town, we did it on our own! 

We actually tried it out 2 days ago with just paper towels.  It survived the first drop, but died on the 2nd.  SO…we decided to improvise.


The Egg



First we taped cotton balls on the egg.037



Then we wrapped the egg in paper towels and filled the baggie with cotton balls.  (Forgot the plain old paper towel pic!  oops!)043  


And this just in…HIS EGG SURVIVED!!!!!!!  :) 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Catching up!

Hello family and friends!  It’s been…well…7 months!  A lot has happened and we have been very busy!  Where to begin???

Since September, Katy has changed a lot!  She is crawling, ALMOST walking (ok..she’s getting close…betting by 1 year she is), she “talks” a little and other fun things I will save for her 11 month post! 

Cole has started t-ball again and is on the Cardinals.  This makes Uncle Matt VERY happy since he LOVES the St. Louis Cardinals!  He is almost done with Preschool also!  We go to register him for Preschool on May 5th!  I’m excited and nervous for him!  This also means that in the fall I will only take care of 1 kiddo other than my girls!  Brynn.  She is the sweetest thing and I have kept her since she was a baby.  I thought about maybe keeping no kids, but she is so easy and she and Natalie have grown up together.  I can’t separate them, and I don't’ want her to have to go to someone else!  So, hopefully Brynnie Boo will be in our household for the next 2 school years before they go to kindergarten!

Natalie Ann is still sassy, BUT….we’ve noticed more and more days of just the sweetest behavior.  She is VERY helpful and SO smart.  She doesn’t like to upset me and is GREAT with her baby sister.  She goes to time out less and less these days (ha!).  We did go through a hitting phase, but I think its slowly ending.  Her hair is still very curly and beautiful!  I think she’s going to be the shortest of the three though!

Justin is doing well at United!  He just recently won a competition on increasing sales in Big Red.  The prize was 2 tickets to the Texas Motor Speedway race, with pit passes, etc.  He knew my dad would enjoy it, so he busted his bottom and won it!  It never ceases to amaze me how awesome he is at his job!  He’s gone for a few interviews in other areas, but we are very happy here!  No rush to leave Childress!   

Me…hmmm.  Lets see…since September I’ve lost about 22 lbs and about 5 pants sizes.  haha!  Crazy!  I also developed a stress fracture in my left tibia at my knee joint.  I’m able to do everyday activities, just no jumping, running, or any impact activities.  SOOOO…I wanted to make sure I didn’t gain weight (I had about 10 lbs left to lose to be at my goal).  I focused on cleaning up my diet (ie…no more tortilla chips!  haha!) and working out my arms and abs.  I’ve lost about 14 lbs since my injury!  Some was muscle…I don’t even recognize my flat butt and chicken legs, but the rest was stuff that needed to go!  I’m now teaching just arms & abs classes at the gym 1 day a week.  I think this is good because exercise was becoming EVERYTHING for me.  I kind of forgot I’m a mommy and wife first.  I ALSO got a BICYCLE!!  I love it!  Justin and I have ridden together ONCE, but we hope to do it more often!!  It’s so much fun for me since I can’t run or do aerobics.  I hope to do some races soon!!

My best friend from high school and college also passed away.  I hadn’t seen Diane much since we’ve been married and had kids, but I have thought about her often.  I last saw her at Christmas time 2010.  I think it was actually black friday?  Anyway, it’s been almost 3 months since she passed and it still sucks.  (for lack of a better word).  I never realized how much of who I am revolves around things that we experienced together.  So much of my inside jokes with songs, work, people…haha…I laugh just thinking about it all!  EVERY DAY for probably 2 years I either saw her or talked to her.  I have always felt so blessed that Diane chose me as a friend.  It breaks my heart when I think of something funny and impulse tells me that Di would crack up at that…and then I realize she’s gone.  I don’t know how to explain it, we weren’t close lately, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t think about her often.  I think we all have friends like that.  It has all made me realize how important it is to let those friends know when I’m thinking about them.  Love her and miss her…always will.

There’s so much more that’s happened and I can’t even begin to explain.  How about I just start all over with today!  The blog is resurrected!!  :)

Here are some fun pictures of the kiddos.  :)

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