Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm a LOSER!!!

Hello world!

I weighed myself this morning (no clothes & after the potty) and I weighed 115.8!!! I'm saying it's 116. Still...this is great!

I've been working out religiously (except for the last 3 days). Tonight I did the Firm Total Muscle Shaping with Stephanie. She kicks my arms in to shape!!! I'm still shaking from muscle fatigue! It's a GREAT feeling!

I'm starting to see the difference in my body now too! My calves are muscling up again. Now, if my thighs can just take the inches off!

Measurements 01/26 (Kelly's Birthday!)

Weight: 116 (118.6)
Waist: 28.5 (29)
Bootie: 36.75 (37)
Hips: 34.25 (34.75)
Thigh: 22 (22.5)
Arm: 9.75 (9.75)...ok with this because the muscle is REALLY building!

So a total loss of 2.6 lbs and 1.75 inches in 10 days! Not bad!!! It's really starting to pay off and show! My eating habits are soooooo much better also!

If you are reading this...weight watchers and the FIRM REALLY work! It IS tough to start off...but once you stick to it for about 3 week...its easy and it does NOT feel like a diet or like HARD work. It feels GREAT! I have so much more energy and I am so much more happy at home AND work (Now...happy at work with 130 7th & 8th graders...WOW!)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Measurements

Well...I was going to wait until I did my 10th Firm workout...but I got sick...I'm home & figured I'd measure today since I did do 9 workouts.
(in parenthesis is what I was last time)
Weight: 118.6 (119.8)
Waist: 29 (30.5)
Bootie: 37 (38)
Hips: 34.75 (35)
Thigh: 22.5 (22.75)
Arm: 9.75 (10.12)

Total loss of about 3.25 inches & 1 pound. Not bad considering I don't have too much to lose! I have a feeling the pounds will be coming off very soon. Once I get better...I'm going to make sure I'm not over doing it on the workouts. I was working out even when I felt sick...but that probably helped me to get really sick.

Yay! I'm glad I measured...I thought I was doing bad!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Doing good...kind of

I was doing so great on the weight loss thing...THEN I got sick.

Cole had the stomach virus & I caught it from him. Since Sunday I've been too weak to workout. I may try today.

Yesterday I had a victory though. A student of mine asked if I like fudge. Of course I answered, YES! She handed me on the spot, about a pound or more of fudge (late christmas present). I ate four pieces and then...I broke my own heart. I threw the rest in the trash. I knew it would hurt my tummy & stall everything good I was doing. BUT...I feel much better about it today!!