Friday, March 21, 2008

Big Scare

Last Tuesday, I got a cough...during UIL judging. No big deal. Cole and I went on a walk that night and I was really tired...but chalked it up to being prego.

Wednesday...cough was BAD...went to doc. He casually said, "Janet...I wonder if you aren't coming down with the flu". We diagnosed me with a viral sore throat.

Thursday...102 fever ALL day with body aches--THE FLU. I missed half of Wednesday-Friday from school.

I was worried about the fever and the baby...sure enough...Saturday I woke up to spotting and cramps. It got worse so we all went to the ER. (don't ever do was 1300$). They told me nothing except that my betas were 48,000 (I thought they said 4800...and that would mean I was losing the baby).

I was so sad & just knew I was losing the baby. monday we went in for an ultrasound and saw the heartbeat!!! I had another appointment Wednesday and saw the heartbeat again!!!

It was so scary. I never spotted with Cole...and here I am...a week later still spotting (rarely). I'm sooooo tired and can barely take care of Cole. I hope this passes soon!!!