Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Moving day

Today the movers came to pack up our things. I've been so busy with work and the kids (Justin's been in Childress), that I haven't really had time to let all this sink in. This morning I woke up late (because we were up until 1:30am packing things to stay here in Vernon) and had to hurry around. We had packed a few totes of toys for Cole. Of course he broke into them and lost his "Percy" train. I searched and searched for it & couldn't find it. For some reason this put me over the edge & I started bawling. I thought that Percy might end up getting moved to the storage building in Childress with the rest of our stuff until we find a house.

That opened the gates to crying because it was our last moments in our house. The last time I would wake Natalie up from her crib inthat house...the last time Cole would play with his choo choos in that living room...the last time I would get ready in my little closet area. The last time I would hurry out the breezeway with both kids. I'm so sad to leave that awesome house that was the first home Justin and I had and the only home my babies have known.

Cole, Natalie and I will be living with Justin's parents for the next 2 months (remainder of the school year). I'm so thankful that they are taking us in! We won't be alone! I hope we don't drive them crazy! Justin will be staying in my dad's 21 foot trailer at an RV park until we find a home. I hope that's soon....but the pickings are SLIM!

He worked in Childress Monday & Tuesday. Tonight he goes to Amarillo & will get home tomorrow night late. He's off all weekend...but Monday he starts. He will be gone 5 days out of the week. I really am not looking forward to him being gone. We've NEVER been apart like this before. I'm REALLY going to miss him.

At least I have the TAKS test to keep me focused at school (haha...the ONLY time I'm thankful for that!). And it will be so great to have DAvid and Linda around to help me with the kids. I already PROMISED her that I would NOT take advantage of her!

Oh...and I forgot about this picture of the "mothership" storm that went through Childress last year..."The Father's Day Storm". Yeah....that's where I'm moving. They are STILL recovering from the damage of that storm! Surely they won't have one like that again???

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Childress, TX continued...

This week is Spring Break for me! Justin was able to take it we were SOOO excited! We spent the weekend in Lubbock and planned on packing the rest of the week!

Yesterday (Tuesday), Justin got a call from Allen (his store director) to go to the store. The regional VP wanted to talk to him. We joked that he was going to get a raise or something. While he was gone I started thinking...what if he gets a store...or what if he gets FIRED?! Especiall since we were going to close on our dream house next Friday. WELL...when he got home...he had a smirk on his face. I asked, "Did you get a raise?". He said..."Yeah...I got a raise...and a store...Great timing, huh?" I was like...I KNEW IT!!!

At first we were totally bummed...I mean...we were getting our dream house!!! Then we were excited. Then we went to Childress to look around. The town is VERY small...think Slaton. However, the store is GREAT! It is the EXACT same model as the old 543 store in Lubbock (82nd & Quaker) that Diane & I worked at! I had flashbacks to all the fun time we had there!

We slept on it & decided that it was such a GREAT move for Justin...we couldn't pass it up! I will probably be staying home with the kids for a year or two (or three...hehe). I think I will probably turn in my resume...but try to stay home for a while. We are going to look at houses on Friday!

We are very excited...but sad to leave Vernon. We will be 2.5 hours from Lubbock, 2 hours from Amarillo, and 2 hours from Wichita Falls. (and 1 hour from Vernon). I plan on going to Lubbock at least once a month and Vernon once a week or every other week.

AT first I was VERY mad. Thinking that OUR prayers never get answered...that this ONE time we had our dream house...but now its GONE. Then I started really thinking. How crazy was it that Justin told this couple that we would sell our house to them...when we weren't even trying to move out of our house. How crazy is it that he was offered this store before we closed on our new house? Is it craziness....or an answered prayer in disguise?????

Childress TX

Childress we come! June 2009.

Anyone know anything about Childress???