Sunday, September 12, 2010

September Catch-up

Time has flown!!

On the preschool front--Cole actually didn't cry on Thursday! This was the first day out of 6 classes he didn't cry!! (I did though...haha!) He REALLY loves preschool! The class before Labor Day weekend, they learned all about the American flag (they say the pledge of allegiance every day). After that class he kept pointing out the window saying, "Look at that fag! Look! American fag!" I was very confused until I realized he meant FLAG. haha! He comes home with work everyday! They learn a new letter/number every week. He got a reading chart (and he filled up 25 books in a few days) and a tooth brushing chart. He loves to color in the chart each time he brushes his teeth...and I catch him brushing his teeth several times throughout the day!

Natalie is doing great also! She LOVES her babies and most especially her bunny rabbits (that's what she calls them...bunny rabbits..cute!). She feeds them bottles and juice and food! One funny thing she does is calls Cole...Cole Thomas Pierce. Like just now I was giving them medicine and she RAN out to the play room and said, "Cole Thomas Pierce! Mommy has you medicine!!!!" haha! She also calls me, "Mommy Pierce" or "Janet Pierce" and Justin is "Daddy Pierce" or "Justin Pierce". If you ask her name she usually says, "Baby Nani", but I've been teaching her "Natalie ann" and she's getting better at that! She also says, "OH.MY.GOSH." It is HILARIOUS!!! Anything that natalie LOVES was apparantly given to her by Auntie Jess. (not really...but she says that) For example, her favorite baby...she told brynn the other day, "Auntie Jess give it to me!"...and so on. So far Jessica has given her spoons, bowls, bibs, toys, movies, clothes...and the list grows daily. haha! She also thinks she is going to Miss Angie's & Miss Carol's. She will tell you that SHE is in preschoool and Miss Angie is her teacher. After I drop off the big kids at preschool she always asks, "Where'd Bubba go? Oh...Preschool! I go too?" Last week she said, "Bubba didn't cry! YAY!" hahahahahaha

Their FAVORITE movie is "UP". Auntie Jessica gave this to them and we watch it ALMOST every day! Cole quotes lines from the movie and tells me about it all day long. "I've wanted to do this my whole life!" haha! That's just one of the quotes!

They both love counting...Cole goes up to 20...but skips 2...not sure why? Natalie goes to about 7...but she will randomly throw in 10, 12, 15...etc.

That's it so far in September!