Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless (almost) Wednesday

My crazy 4 year olds who are probably the SWEETEST kids ever! 

Chandler, Cole & Kade on their 1st day of preschool!  (ok…1st day with Ms. Carol.  I forgot the 1st day with ms. Angie!)

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My little “big girls” on their first day alone!

Natalie & Brynn


If you could have been a fly on the tree to hear how mad I was that they wouldn’t sit for a nice picture…you would have stung me!  haha! 

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Couldn’t you just eat her up?  She is PRECIOUS!

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Is it just me or does he look like he’s 10?  haha!  Big boy Cole on his first day of preschool!

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Katy Beth is 3 months old!!


(I know…horrible picture…it’s all I’ve got at this time!)

Sweet Katy Beth…time is FLYING by!!!  Each day I am truly amazed by how quickly you are growing!!  You are the sweetest baby I have EVER, EVER encountered!  You looove being around others…especially me, daddy & Cole & Natalie AND the houseful of kids that are here daily!  Rarely do we hear you cry…and when we do, we know SOMETHING must be wrong! 

Here’s what’s been going on with our sweet little pumpkin this month!

  • We took you to the pool this month and spur of the moment decided to let you get in.  It was sooo hot.  You wore your daddy’s hat, a swim diaper OVER your regular diaper and a onesie.  haha!  YOU LOVED IT!!  I figured you would at least whimper…but NOPE, you smiled and cooed the whole time!
  • You are a ROLLER!  On 8/26 (your 3 month b-day and MY 31st b-day), you started rolling from your back to tummy.  It wasn’t ALL the way…  On 8/28 I woke up to find you completely on your tummy!!  What a big girl!!
  • I think you are starting to teeth…you have little rough spots on your fingers from chewing on them and you are drooling NONSTOP! 
  • You have spent a lot of time with your Mimi this month!  (Justin’s mom)  She watched you while we were at Auntie Jess’s wedding , when we went to get a new refrigerator AND while we went to Daddy’s 100 mile bike race!  While there this past weekend, you had a BIG poop explosion.  Poor Mimi!
  • You are in 3-6 month clothes now!  You can still wear the 3 month dresses…but not the onesies.  I put you in a 0-3 month pajama last night…and it will have to be retired now!  (my favorite that Natalie wore too)
  • You wear a size 2 diaper now also!!
  • You can sit in  your bumbo now!  Just a few minutes at a time because then you get wobbly…but you’re getting there!
  • I usually put you to bed awake somewhere around 8:30-9:30.  You lay under your rainforest/symphony mobile and watch the animals & lights & fall asleep either on your side or flat on your back with  your arms & legs spread eagle!  I know this because I go in at least twice before I go to bed.  :)
  • Usually you wake up between 7-8am.  I would never know it unless I went in because you lay there peacefully sucking your fingers or smiling & cooing at your mobile “friends”.
  • One day last week you did wake up at around 6:00am…because your leg got stuck between the slats in your bed.  You screamed bloody murder!  I got out Natalie’s bumper pad and put it in your crib…doesn’t match, but solved our problem!!
  • I hate to risk fate by typing this…but you have not woken up at night time since you were 7 weeks old!  Not ONCE…that includes 2 trips to grandmas house, 1 trip to a hotel, and 1 trip to Auntie Jessica’s house!  Not to mention the many day trips we’ve taken!  I’m so proud of you!  I know my babies though…and the other two got growth spurts around 16 weeks…so we’ll see if that happens for you!
  • You are eating 6 bottles a day!  6oz for the first feed and 4-5 oz for the rest!
  • I think in the next month I will get out the Jumperoo for you!  You enjoy standing up!

You are the joy of our lives Katy Beth!  I feel so blessed to be your Mommy!!  Like Cole says, “Katy Beth is ALL of our baby!”  We all love you soooo much!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

This is for you all…but especially Suzanne (or as Cole & Natalie would say, “Auntie Suzy”)

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