Saturday, September 27, 2008

35 week appt

Heartrate...GREAT (I always forget to ask)
Blood Pressure...she didn't say...guess that's ok? weight gain: 24.5
Measurements: 33 weeks (should have been 35)

So....since I'm still measuring small...I asked about it. He wasn't concerened...but went ahead & ordered an ultrasound for October 7th. It's a little bit of a drag...but Oh well...maybe I'll get to see her sweet face again!!!

It seems as though she's still head down. I'm really trying to keep her Anterior...not posterior like Cole. We are trying to decide when to set up a back up c-section date. Justin wants it on a Tuesday or Wednesday. SOOOO...that leaves us to October 28-29 or November 4-5. I don't really want to wait until November...but I'm betting she comes before either of those dates. Any preferences anyone?????

Just found out that the certified SS teacher who was supposed to be my sub backed out. I will now have a certified Special Ed/Science teacher as my sub. NIIIIIICCCCEEEE......urghhh. She wants me to leave extremely detailed lesson plans. I sure hope Natalie waits at least 3 weeks before she comes...that's about how long I need to get this figured out!!!

I wonder what Cole will think once my belly is gone. I'm sure he only remembers me with a belly....I've had one since May. He's so cute. He loves to lift my shirt & hug my belly. He has learned to climb on the couch, so he climbs next to me & we read books or baby magazines. He loves the pages where a baby's head is big & looks like it's looking at him. He laughs & laughs & says, "meme"....which means baby. Then he jumps on my belly. hehe...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

One of my worst fears!!

Today was a normal day. Justin was off & then decided to go hunting. Cole and I were chillin' at home. He had a nice poopy diaper...and if you have know that once they are eating normal food...NO DIAPER GENIE can keep the smell away! haha. Needless to say, I took the diaper out to the dumpster like I always do (it's the roll out kind right next to the garage...literally 10 steps from the house). I shut the door behind me, making sure that it was unlocked.

When I came back, I could hear Cole crying through the door. I went to open the door and it was LOCKED! The DEADBOLT was locked. I don't know how Cole figured out how to do that...but he did. I went to both neighbors houses to use a phone. Luckily my mother in law was home & has a spare key. I ended up pulling up a cooler to the door & peeking in the window. Cole could see me & we sang "B-I-N-G-O" (his favorite song these days...other than any Taylor swift song) a few times. He was soooo devastated & cried the WHOLE time. He kept saying, " MAAAMAAA". I felt HORRIBLE! first thought was to break out a window!

Anyway...when Linda got to the house and unlocked the door, Cole ran to me & let me carry him for a good 15 minutes. He was worn plumb out.

Lesson learned: Always have a spare key!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is TOO funny!!! My silly husband...

I still have tears in my eyes from this. I was walking to the bathroom when I noticed that I really don't look pregnant from the front on my shadow. I decided to video tape me from the front and then from the side...because man...I really pop out. Plus, I thought you'd all get a kick out of my HUGE belly & outie belly button!

At the end of my video...Justin decides to try and make his arm shadow poke at my belly button ( had something to do with the belly button...but only Justin understands what he was doing). Unfortunately...that's not what it looks like he's trying to do in the for yourself! hehe... I PROMISE...he is not some horribly nasty person. It's just how the shadow/video makes it look. We were both crying because it was so darn funny!

(Took the video out!!!)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Luckiest woman in the world!

The past week was really tough for me. I was gone to Austin for TAKS workshop stuff Monday-Wednesday. Nice time away...but I knew being gone from school would be HELL to return to.

Sure enough, I returned Thursday to the worst report from a sub ever. ( wasn't too bad...but my kids did NOT behave well!) I wrote 12 detentions. That was very stressing because anything less than perfect is NOT acceptable when it comes to my classroom!

Thursday's conference period was filled with me dealing with those fires & all the paperwork I missed. I then had to leave work at 3pm to make it to our doctor's appointment in Wichita Falls. That time for work after school.

Friday we had an assembly that lasted from study all into my conference period. All of this meant...NO TIME TO GRADE, DO LESSON PLANS...etc. Friday afterscool I had a Builder's Club Meeting (oh yes...did I mention that I'm the advisor for that?). I got out at 4:30 and worked until 5pm when it was time to pick Cole up for daycare.

I had NO lesson plans done for next week, NO grades AT ALL in my gradebook because I've not had time to grade...and 3 week reports were due yesterday...and no clue when I would do it all.

Cole and I went grocery shopping and came home. As soon as Justin walked in I started bawling. In addition to all the stress at work, I'm really neglecting my boys. I don't have the energy to clean, no energy to play with Cole, & less energy for Justin (hehe). Lets not even mention getting things ready for the baby (or the maternity lesson plans that need to be done ASAP). The part I hate the most is that Cole is always the last one at daycare. All the other teacher moms pick their kids up right at 3:45...not me...i mosey in wasted from work at 5 or 5:05.

Justin just sat there & listened. He then told me that nobody expects me to do everything. He will clean (he does anyway)...etc. Then he told me that until I get it all squared away that he will keep Cole occupied all the time I need when he's home.

Sometimes I fail to recognize how lucky & blessed I am to have Justin in my life. He is the BEST husband and the MOST AMAZING father ever. Last night he & Cole grilled steaks & potatoes for dinner, cleaned it all up, cleaned Cole's room, organized laundry, cleaned the living room...all while I laid on the couch. Today he made pancakes & sausage and finished cleaning while I finished next weeks lesson plans & organized a to-do list BEFORE he had to be at work at noon.

I love this man!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

33 week appointment

Weight Gain: 2lbs. That puts me up 22 pounds. Yes...I have been calculating it wrong all along. My scale and the doctor's scale are 2 pounds different. SO....I am very on schedule with weight gain! I'm looking at no more than 35 lbs gained! Woohoo! (if I gain only 7 more pounds...less than 30!)

Other than that everything was great. belly is measuring about 2 centimeters small. He said he's not worried, but will monitor it. If I'm still small next time, he'll order an ultrasound. SIGH...