Sunday, February 28, 2010

Running update

As you know...I've been running since November (I think?) It's down to the wire...the 1/2 marathon is less than 2 weeks away!! I'm nervous and very excited!! Today I ran 9 miles and it wasn't as bad as I thought! I've found that running is so much more fun if I don't look at it as a competition...but...if you know know that's VERY hard for me!!! Today's run was slow & easy and I tried my HARDEST to not be consumed with what my time was. Cole, Natalie, Justin & Maverick even met me about an hour into it to give me some water. Very sweet! I have several friends who are running the race in addition to my mom & sister! I'm so proud of you all!!!!!

Friday, March 12...we head to Plano and will stay the night with Jessica (my sister). Saturday we will go check in at the Dallas Convention Center. Then we check into our 2 bedroom suite in Dallas. (my parents, sisters & my little family will be sharing this). Sunday we will be racing at 8am (I think)...ironically...that's the same day as Daylight Savings time change...urghhh.... Then we get to stay the night at my favorite Homewood Suites in Frisco!

Speaking of that hotel...Justin and I like staying in a 1 bedroom suite so we can have a separate room from the kids. We stayed at the Homewood Suites in Frisco this past July. It was 109$ per night (not bad!) When I went online to look at the price, it was $149 for the upcoming trip...but the one in Plano was $109. I decided to just call and see if there was anyway they could match that price because we'd rather say in Frisco...but if they wouldn't come down...we'd stay in Plano. SURE ENOUGH...they lowered the price! I was soooo excited (I'm a stay at home's the little things ;)) Anyway...I learned a lesson! There's always negotiating when it comes to hotels!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good Books

I've been doing a LOT of reading lately!!!
I just finished Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. It is a Christian Fiction novel (my first)...and it is probably one of my all time favorite books. It's set in the 1850's Gold Rush era in California. The main character, Angel, is a prostitute. The story is of a man, Michael, who follows God's wishes for him to take her away & marry her....and his struggles to help Angel. I was soooo overcome with emotion reading it. Seriously...go out and buy it!!! AMAZING! Thanks Alana for recommending it and letting me borrow it!!

On a completely different reading genre...I've been reading the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. I'm just loving them! So simple and fun! I got the first book after Christmas and am now on the 8th book :) It's a more "adult" version of Twilight...yet very unique. The series was started long before Stephenie Meyer started its not a knockoff. Although...I wonder if Stephenie didn't get some of her ideas from Charlaine Harris...??? We've been watching the True Blood series also...very good!

I also read Dear John last week...and then saw the movie. Yes, the movie ends a little "better" than the book (I guess you can say that)....but the book is WAYYYYY better! Typical Nicholas Sparks. My sis also loaned me The Last I hope to knock that out this week!

I've read a few more books since Christmas too...The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, The Traveler's Gift and The Gift by Richard Paul Evans. All good books!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I cannot believe that Easter is less than 40 days away! The past year has FLOWN by!!!

I am Catholic. For those of you that don't know about catholocism, please...NEVER hesitate to ask me! When I was teaching, my students always asked me if Catholics were Christian...hehe...YES we are! Maybe one day I'll write a post about how the different denominations of Christianity came about...(I have a degree in History and my specific study was in European and Medieval studies...haha!) I'm fascinated by religion...especially my own!

ANYWAY...I'm Catholic and during Lent (the 40 days before Easter), we fast. Not COMPLETELY fast, but we DO give up things to remind us of the fasting Jesus did while in the desert and the temptations he faced...but also to remember the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus gave us. We don't eat meat on Fridays during lent....but we also do personal sacrifices also. Fr. Jim, our priest (amazing man), explained that during this time of Lent we clean ourselves of what keeps us from being closer to God...that's where your decisions of YOUR personal sacrifices come from!

Every year I give up 2 things. Usually one is more of a personal thing...stop gossiping...make up with people I have had an outing with...etc. The other is usually material...give up Dr. Pepper, chocolate...etc.

This year when I thought about Lent, facebook came to mind IMMEDIATELY. It kind of rules my life...and for no other reason than to see what everybody else is up to. Now, I'm not a facebook stalker...I rarely go to people's pages or photos...but I will spend an hour on facebook. I've known this takes away from my time as a mom and I'm giving it up for Lent! so far I'm on day 3...and the urge is finally starting to hit! I hadn't realized how much I rely on it as a means of friendship...but I DO have a phone! I need to use it more often!!

I'm also giving up "sweets". This means candy, donuts, cupcakes, cookies...etc. This is finally starting to get hard too! I didn't realize how much I snacked on sweets! 3! While I was at United shopping, i found my favorite candy in the reduced basket...Ferrer Rocher...12 pieces for $1!!!!!! I bought 3 to save for my Easter surprise! haha!

While this can be tough (as SILLy as it seems when soooo many people never have the privelege of eating sweets or the internet)...I feel like it does bring me closer to God...everytime I stumble...I remember that Jesus stumbled too...he was tested...but he persevered and saved us!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Valentine's Day is always fun for my family. Daddy used to give us special jewelry and chocolates...we were always his valentine! Justin has continued to make it fun for me and the kids! The kids also had presents from Grandma & Grandpa, Auntie Jess & Mimi & Papa. Love was definitely in the air!!! I had a huge eye due to an infection...but Justin still made me feel special :) And...I wasn't creative AGAIN for Justin. He got a minnow bucket...he asked for it! And LOTS of candy that's already gone! I couldn't find a great card for him, so I made one that says, "I've had my EYE on you"...and I drew my humongous eye. haha! I would put a picture of my eye...because I love gross stuff...but not all of you do, so I don't want to make you hate me! Trust me, it was huge and ugly and on Sunday I went to the ER! SCARY!
This is what the kids woke up to after their afternoon nap :)
Natalie LOVED the bear Daddy got her! If you look close you can see the heart watch I gave her! She took that bear everywhere & wrestled with it!
Natalie wearing the Snow white Necklace and earrings Grandma & Grandpa gave her. The purse is just adorable too! The funny thing was that we gave her Snow White the same day!
Cole and his cho choo watch and choo choo movie. Yes...we make this addiction worse!
Hope ya'll had as fun for Valentines day as we did! (actually...i hope it was better & you got to go on a date...we didn't because of my cyclops of an eye!)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cole is 3!!

Cole OFFICIALLY turned three on Feb. 11! (at 10:24pm after 25 hours of long, grueling labor that ended in a c-section!!) He is SUCH a big boy now! His birthday was filled with his favorites: cinammon rolls, grilled cheese sandwiches, chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes, choo choos, choo choo movies, etc. He had a great day!! Here's what he's up to lately!

Cole at 3 years old:

  • Infatuated with Thomas the Train and all trains in general

  • He calls them "choo choos"

  • He has 10 thomas character trains

  • He is 42 inches and 36 lbs. Still pretty tall & lean!

  • He talks up a storm these days! I mean...full blown conversations! I understand everything he says...sometimes other people don't. My favorite things he says lately are, "It is a nice day today!" or "I don't think so...". haha... or, "I be nice Mommy! I MOMISE!" (I promise) "That's COLE'S baby Nani" (natalie)

  • He loves a girl...Chandler. He told me this yesterday after CRYING in the car because he thought we were going to see her. "I OVE Nandler" (ove = love and Nandler=Chandler). She likes trains too...haha!

  • He love, love, loves his grandma. He likes to call her at least every other day. He likes to call "Dess" (jess-ica). If he's in trouble, he wants MAWMAW...grandma.

  • Yes, he does love his mimi too! He gets so excited when we tell him we get to see "Mimipapa". It's one word :)

  • He goes pee pee & the potty all day and wears big thomas and elmo underwear...but wears a pull up at night. He ONLY goes poo poo when sleeping...not sure why! I'm giving the poo poo a break...we forced him on the potty & he got to where he would cry and I'll give it a month or so before we try again!

  • He loves hanging out with his cousins, Garrett & Gavin. You can tell he totally looks up to them & thinks they are soooooo cool! He got to feed their cows, horses & goats the other day with them and had such a great time!

  • ONLY EATS grilled cheese, fishsticks, chicken strips or dinos...and thats it! Well...he eats a variety of fruit & other snacks...but he's not good at trying new foods....specifically meats and veggies. I have faith that ONE day he'll like my meatloaf or Justin's steak!

That's my big boy for ya! He's sweet as can be and the cutest thing in the world!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cole's 3rd Birthday Party

(note....I'll post an official 3rd b-day on his actual birthday!)

Cole had ANOTHER Thomas the Train b-day party this year. He loves why not? His Grandma & Grandpa, Auntie Nini (danielle), Auntie Jess (JEssica) and Mimi & papa came to celebrate with him! It was nice to have a small, family party! He was SO happy and ALL SMILES while we sang him "Happy Birthday"! (see the pic) I wish we'd videoed it! Cole got lots of Choo Choos and books and a Big Wheel cycle thing! We got him a full sized mattress set and bedding. We searched all over for this discontinued bedding...(target discontinued it after 3 years...ughhhh)...decided to buy a different set...and then reconsidered & found it on Ebay! We are soooo happy with it! I was very sad to say goodbye to the mattress that he slept on for 3 years!!'s the same bed frame! It's one that converts from crib to toddler bed to Full Size...I think it was WELL worth the money! He will have had the same basic bed his whole time living with his mommy & daddy!! Cool! Natalie's is the same way!

Here are some pics!