Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Katy Beth is 4 months!


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I can’t believe my baby girl is already 4 months!  It has gone by SO fast!  I feel like it was so hard at first…but the past 2 months have been a breeze!  We had her appointment today so I will do stats and updates!

Height:  26 inches (95%)

Weight:  15 lbs 4oz (75%)

Got 2 shots…handled them MUCH better than last time!  She is a little congested so I am expecting a long day/night.  We are going to start her on rice cereal tomorrow morning!!  Next week I will probably try veggies!

What are you up to Katy Beth? 

  • You are still sleeping all night!  Usually she falls asleep around 8:30 and I wake her up to eat around 9:30 or so…and she sleeps until 8am.  Sometimes she wakes earlier but I bring her to bed and she sleeps with me until I get up!
  • She takes her naps in her swing usually.  I want to break this habit…but I don’t think it’ll be a problem.  She can sleep anywhere (even on a table at Jessica’s wedding!  lol!)
  • She started laughing a few weeks ago and we ALL love to make her giggle!  So far the best giggles are saved for Natalie!  And Natalie loooooves it!
  • She naps 2 long naps and a few 30 minute or so naps.
  • So far she likes her paci, (not dependent on it though…yet) and loves her crochet blanket!  Oh…and she likes her two fingers like Natalie…urghhh..ha!
  • Her eyes are still blue/green/brown.  I’m pretty sure they will be a brown/green hazel like Cole’s.  Natalie's were always brown.
  • She is wearing 3-6 and 6 month clothes.  I put her in a 6-9 month outfit today and it fit ok!
  • She still loooooves her baths!  Has not cried ONCE in a bath!  ha!
  • She is rolling to her tummy all the time.  Sometimes that makes her happy…but at night it makes her mad.  I’m so ready for her to figure out how to roll the other way!  haha!
  • She is losing her hair :(  I swear she is Cole made over!  Cole did the SAME thing at this age!  (only he had eczema…so far Katy is free of this!)
  • Stranger anxiety has hit too.  When she sees someone new…the bottom lip sticks out and she screams.  haha!  I guess she’s going to be the BIG momma’s girl!

I will post pics tomorrow!  We have a busy few weekends coming up!  I hope it doesn’t throw her fabulous schedule off!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

New blog page!

I started a new blog…I almost DIDN’T share this with everyone…but I figure the more who see my pictures, the more likely I am to hold myself accountable!  It’s my “fitness” and “weightloss” page!