Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer 2012

We had a busy summer! 

In June, Justin and I traveled across the country to Las Vegas…in our car!  I wanted to go to Beachbody’s annual “Summit” for coaches.  It was AWESOME to say the least!  We got to spend time listening to the CEO, Tony Horton from P90x, Chalene Johnson from Turbo Jam, Shaun T. from Insanity, Darin Olien…creator of Shakeology and finally Seth Godin.  We got to do live workouts with Tony and ChaLean and EVERY SINGLE beachbody Celebrity trainer when we participated in the largest workout ever on the Las Vegas strip.  We stayed at the MGM Grand again and the renovations are awesome!  We also met up with Kelly Arrington Thompson for a bit and it was nice to catch up!  We already bought and paid for next year’s trip!  Can’t wait!!

We “met” Mater from “Cars” on route 66 in Santa Rosa NM.


Stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Alburquerque, NM.  It was a great place to stay!  They had amazing biking trails and it was just a neat town!  Lots of history.  Only downside…totally in the middle of a desert!  ha!



Arizona roadside park!


Shaun T spent time telling us about Insanity: The Asylum 2.  wow…it looks crazy awesome but VERY hard!  He is sooo nice and really likes helping people.  I didn’t get a photo with him this year…but I will next time!



Tony Horton right after (I think?) the awesome workout we did with him!  CRAZY!!!  He is so nice!



Before the place got FREAKING CROWDED!  This is where we did the “workout on the strip”! 



Me and the creator of “Body Beast”.  He is Israeli (I think?)  Anyway, his name is SAgi and he was super sweet and very muscly.  He kind of felt like a firm marshmallow.  hahaha!  he DID say, “Hello Beautiful”, and I blushed.  hehehe…



Went to the Hoover Dam.  I wish we would have spent more time…it was pretty awesome!



My favorite part!  The Grand Canyon.  Pictures do NO JUSTICE to how amazing it is!  I’m so tempted to drive again next year just so we can visit it again.  God is an amazing artist.  It is so humbling to stand before His wonderous creations!!  We also rode our bike along the South Rim.  Each time we came up on a drop off view point…my heart skipped a beat.  It is THAT awesome!  GO!!! 

210 216 245 121

Going to have to dig up some summer time pics. Justin created a slip & slide of the slide and the kids had a great time!  We also spent a lot of time at the country club pool!

263 283

Visited Walburg and Schwertner for a Teinert family reunion! Next reunion will not be in Walburg…it’s a little sad because we love visiting there!



I have more pics that I will try to download from facebook and add!  Enjoy!!!  (hopefully I’ll add more pics of the kids too…sheesh!)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Prayer for Christlikeness

I needed this today. Mondays are starting to be harder with the beginning of the school week. I especially want this when I'm loving my kiddos. I read that we should live our children the way Christ loves us. Of course! But when you really think about how MUCH Christ loves us and shows His's easy to see that THAT kind of love is what we SHOULD show our kids, but sometimes have a hard time doing. It's my mission to be more Christlike in my daily life...especially when living my family. :)

Prayer for Christlikeness

Dear Jesus, help me to spread your fragrance everywhere I go;
Flood my soul with your spirit and life;
Penetrate and possess my whole being so completely
That all my life may be only a radiance of yours;
Shine through me and be so in me
That everyone with whom I come into contact
May feel your presence within me.
Let them look up and see no longer me—but only Jesus.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Natalie starts preschool

This one wasn't so hard! Natalie has been going to and from preschool for two years. She has known Ms. Carol and Ms. Angie as long and loves them both. All summer long we have heard her little remarks about how preschool was coming soon and she is a big girl.

We ordered her a pretty brown and white zebra stripe backpack. (ironically, brynn ordered the same one! Ha!). The first day was a week later than Cole's. I didn't really have any doubts that she would enjoy it...but you never know! Coke seemed so excited about kinder..but cried for almost a week. The first day was to Ms. Carols. She only attends Carol's on Wednesdays from 8am-9:50am. We went in and she ran to Ms. Carol to tell her about her backpack and where Cole is. She found her seat and went right to putting together the puzzles she'd dreamed of doing for years. Carol had to remind her to say bye to me. She had a great day and met "Ms. A". (the colors each have someone come bring them a goody...A's goody was an apple).

First day at Ms. Carol's

This is when I realized I have two kids in strange!

The next day was Ms. Angie's which she attends on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am-10:45am. Now..,these two teachers are both amazing but very different. Carol was a kindergarten teacher for years and is on the school board. The classroom is very structured and following directions is huge there. Ms. Angie's class is a bit more, "colorful" and they spend a lot of time painting and exploring and getting their hands on stuff and learn through playing. Natalie has dreamed of Ms. Angie's class because this is soooo her. Haha! (cole loved Angie, but he enjoys structure more, so was more comfortable at carols). Natalie hugged ms. Angie and jumped right in to the fun play dough when we got there and I had to make her let me take pics. When I picked her up she said, "We had a LOT of fun today! We played in the play kitchen and I got to play with big toys...TRANSFORMERS!". Ha! (there are specific times for different things and they do get a bit of free play.).

First day at Angie's

Katy had to be in on this one!

Katy home with mommy! Fun times ahead!

Gymnastics starts neon Monday! We can't wait! (more pics on my camera...will upload soon!)

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Friday, September 7, 2012

My Boy Started Kindergarten!

The day I've looked forward to and dreaded for the past 5 1/2 years finally arrived. My sweet, tender hearted little engineer started kindergarten!

He was so excited and I was so sad! It all came full force the weekend before school started. I guess I finally realized I wouldn't have my boy with me everyday. :(. He cried..which really surprised me. I think the main problem was I lingered. I should have just left him at the door. But....sorry! He is my baby boy! I had to sit with him and hug him and kiss him! Finally the teacher had to make me leave. He asked for daddy, so I left, sent Justin in and the girls ad I walked out and I cried on the elementary walk way as moms & kids walked in. Good thing he doesn't know I did that! He'd be sooo embarrassed! Ha! Each day go better and he doesn't cry at all now, after 2 weeks!

He loves it! His favorite time of the day is playing outside and lunch. He does have an issue acting all his lunch...but he's doing well over all! Today was grandparents day at school. My mom and dad drove in to spend it with him. They had breakfast and coffee at the school,and cold gave them a present he made. (a colored sheriffs badge and a colored crown). Ha!

I'm so glad he loves school AND his sweet teacher Mrs. Thompson! More about Natalie tomorrow!

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