Monday, March 29, 2010

ACM Las Vegas :)

Ok, so yesterday I told you we won a trip (or Justin did) for 2 to Las Vegas for the Academy of Country Music Awards April 16-19. We are staying at the MGM Grand hotel, which is where the Awards are too! It's one of the largest hotels in the WORLD! There are like 14 restaurants, a casino, Cirque de Soleil, 8 Night clubs, 5 pools, a lazy river(inside the hotel) shopping...etc. Here are some of the details...we still don't know them all...

Friday April 16th
-Arrive in Las Vegas
-KA by Cirque du Soleil
-New Artist Performances (Lady Antebellum)

-Sugarland Concert with Blake Shelton
-ACM Awards
-All Star Jam hosted by the Academy

-Fly back to Lubbock

What we've been up to!

Pics to explain :)

Went to a baby shower for my cousin Afton and her coming soon baby, Adeline :) She may be the cutest pregnant girl EVER!!!

Made this diaper cake! It was pretty darn easy and turned out WAY cute! I can't wait to make another!!! If you need one, let me know! I'd love to either make one for you or show you how!!
Went to Lowes to get some doors & the kids HAD to ride the tractors!! (When I took them off...Natalie bawled...ha!) Nat says, "TAA TOR!!!"
Danielle and I went to the midnight release of the New Moon DVD. We were the 5th people in line at Walmart and got a cool Sports Drink cup with Edward on it and some tatoos and stickers. hehehe..." we get the package too?" (hahaha...) There were mainly women there my age or older!

Went to Owen's and saw baby chicks! (apparantly the ducks went fast) We decided NOT to buy any...but the kids LOVED them! Cole held a chick & one jumped out of Justin's hands. Don't survived!
Saw the Easter bunny. Cole did great! He actually DID smile for his picture, AND went back later to give the bunny a hug (2 hugs actually). Natalie didn't take a pic of her own for obvious reasons :) Cole asked me, "Is dat a nice bunny?" I said yes, so he went up to sit on its lap!


he brought me a cotton ball he found outside...."UH OH, Mommy! Is dis a piece of cloud?" he was really worried the sky was falling! sooooo cute!!!

and....we tell him and nat to "be nice". Last week he started saying, "Mommy, you be nice, me be nice." Ok!

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Car!!!

Yes! We got a new vehicle! I bought my Pontiac torrent in February 2006 with the hopes of having it for our kids. the minute I had Cole in the carseat the following year...I knew we had outgrown it. With 2 kids....EEk! VERy small. My parents got a Chevy Traverse a year ago and it has a TON of space and 3 rows (fits 8 comfortably). We paid my car off last year, and now that Pontiac has gone out of business...I was worried about the rapid depreciation. Luckily we got some good rebates and got a GREAT trade in for my dented/windshield cracked the payment is actually cheaper than my torrent was before we paid it off! Here are a few pics of the car (in my garage because its soooo darn windy here) and me and my old car (you can see the dent that the little old lady put in it at Hobby Lobby) And...let me TOTALLY recommend Ruble Vance Autoplex in Vernon, TX. We've bought our last 2 vehicles from them and they are a PLEASURE to work with! Very sweet people and the owners are GREAT! They can get you ANY vehicle you want from anywhere and will make you the best deal possible! (And...they took me seriously when I was wheelin' & dealin' with them! :)) And, NO's NOT A MINI VAN! hahahaha.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dallas Rock & Roll Half Marathon---FINISHED!

i did it!!! It was harder than I thought...but totally worth it!
The night before, for various reasons....I didn't sleep. Not a wink (ok...maybe 30 minutes between 4am-4:45am). Seriously... I thought for sure my time would be horrible. I hoped to get it in 2:45. My finishing time was 2:16!!!!!! However...I almost passed out. It took me a good hour to get my strength up to get up and walk. A man died...a healthy 32 year old Texas Tech alumni. It's very scary to could have been any of us...'s a few pics!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sewing :)

I decided to sew (for the first time for real) a blanket, some burp cloths, and a bib for a certain baby girl that is coming soon! (If the mommy reads this...I hope you & like it! Sorry..I couldn't wait for the shower to put it on my blog!) It was much easier than I thought! I think I will make some for some special twins that will be arriving soon too!! I REALLY want to learn how to we shall see if I can (a) learn to do it myself.... or (b) find someone to teach me :)
The bib is reversable with that pink print. The burp cloths have 2 layers of terry cloth (towel fabric) that show on the back (white)
The blanket has soft, soft, SOFT minky on the back in pink! VERY cute & cuddly!
The set! I think the set goes well together!!! & i hope baby A loves it!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Letter of the Week!

(please ignore the ugly brick & windows...this is our play room...not outside!) Today Cole (& Natalie) and I started our "Letter of the Week". I thought an hour would be good. lasted about 10 minutes max. While I have two toddlers...I've never TAUGHT (like curriculum) to toddlers. Duh! If a middle schooler only has 15 minutes (max) attention span...of course toddlers is much less. I think I read somewhere that the attention span is 1 minute per year of age. That is about right. After Cole colored his "big A", he told me, "I'm done Mommy". I convinced him to color "little a" also though! We read, "Big A Little a what begins with A? Aunt Annie's Alligator A.....a.....A!" Cole thought that was neat. Now we are going around the house saying, "A is for Apple! A is for Apple!"
I think we will search for A's in books & a youtube video of Sesame Street with A (if I can find one) APPLES & Apple sauce....and listen to an A song. So far so good!

While Cole was coloring Big A...I thought...WOW! He stays in the lines!!! AMAZING for a barely 3 year old!!! Then we colored Little a. Not so much! haha! Natalie's color choices were VERY spring-like. hehe!
Later, (close to nap time) I saw Cole & natalie playing on the floor. It was so cute...then I got up close & realized Cole was smooshing Natalie's cheeks together and just LAUGHING his head off! It was very cute & pretty darned funny. Natalie thought it was fun too!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pierce Happenings

I'm not as good at posting on my blog as Ishould be. Oh well...sue me :)

I ran 10 miles yesterday!!! Can you believe it? I can't! To be felt great! I had a good pace and I kept thinking that this time next race will be OVER!! Then I'll start planning for the Childress 5k on April 24. I was going to try a training program to build up speed...but I think I'll just run to run. NO PLANS! haha!

Speaking of the's Sunday! We will leave Saturday and we extended our stay until WEDNESDAY! Justin got us tickets to a Dallas Stars hockey game! We are VERY excited! My mom & dad are going to take the kids home with them Tuesday and we will meet back up with them on Friday!!! That will be the longest I've been away from them ever! THREE NIGHTS! I extended our stay at the Frisco hotel one night (I had to use my negotiating skills AGAIN as she tried to charge me $169 for Monday night....not so ended with it being $109.) And Jess is letting us stay with her Tuesday night!

The weather has been AWESOME! It's been cloudy & rainy...but in the 60s. I'm so happy about spring! Running in 60 degree weather yesterday was AMAZING! I took off in shorts & a t-shirt and was a wee bit chilly. By the first mile I was SOOO glad I was only wearing that! And...if I had a nice tummy...I would have been running in my sports bra & shorts only. But I don' I didn't (darn stretch marks! Oh well...i ran by a few churches and it was sunday evening...hehe)

I bought a TON of fabric (Shhhh...Alana & Amy) and am planning out a few baby projects and a Quilt!!!! I'll try to remember to take pics (and maybe some of my cute kids too! lol!!!)

Cole (& Natalie) and I are going to start "Letter a Week" this week! I bought some fun preschool teacher things and I'm going to try & do "preschool" an hour a day a few days a week. Cole is VERY excited!!

Have a GREAT week!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LOSING MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!

While in Lubbock...I lost my debit card last week. Luckily I don't think anyone used it because no charges were ever made with it. I've NEVER lost a debit or credit card.

Today...I looked in my wallet casually and realized my Driver's License is missing. GREAT! Might need THAT when I write my CHECKS...because I don't have my debit card! Yes...It's missing...nowhere in my house...nowhere in my car...or purse. The last time I used it was at WALMART (I hate that place) and the cashier took it to type in my number because I WROTE A CHECK. UGHHHHHHHHHH...

I feel like throwing up! I've never lost a driver's license either! What is wrong with me? Is someone breaking in to my house and stealing these things from me??????

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cole loves me!

Me: "I love you Cole. Do you love me?"
Cole: "So much, I OVE you so much. THIS MUCH!" (and he holds his arms out wide)
Me: "AWWWWW (tears in my eyes), I love YOU this much too!" (hold my arms out wide)

Me: "I love you Cole! How much do you love me?"
Cole: "Too much Mommy".

Hey...that was my line!