Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I've been working on some crafts lately! My sweet Childress girls, Amy & Alana, have kind of gotten me hooked!!! I've always been a fan of decopauging with Mod Podge (do you remember I did Natalie's letters for her room?) Well...I did "JOY" for Christmas....and most recently I did LOVE for Valentine's day and coasters!!! I'm in the process of doing XOXO frames for Valentine's day and a clipboard :). Who knows what else I'll pull out of my sleeve! Here are some of the things I've been doing! (some finished...some NOT...I'll try & post the finished products too!)

First I painted my LOVE letters WHITE with craft paint. This took about 3 coats.

Then I used Mod Podge to adhere scrapbook paper to the letters. Then I put 2 more layers on top. They turned out VERY cute (notice I still have nothing on my walls...I have no clue how to even start!!!)

Amy & Alana invited to "craft day/play date" one day and I had NOTHING to do...but I brought my scrapbook paper & Mod Podge :). Amy had 4 tiles & showed me how to make coasters...VERY easy! Mod Podged the SAME way I did the letters! After the coasters sat for about a week...I sealed them with Polycrylic so that liquid wouldn't seep in over time. They have felt on the bottom (thanks to Amy also!) I plan on making these often for gifts...so you may get a set!!

Here are frames (2 of them spray painted black) that have Valentine's Day scrapbook paper in them. I plan on gluing little clear stones/marbles to make XOXO on them. I have it...just being lazy! I actually saw this on a blog...and then I saw that Amy and Alana did it already...don't great minds think alike??
Here's my clipboard...I plan on Mod Podging the paper on it and putting that pink paper at the bottom and a little saying. Then I'm putting CUTE paper on the back too!!! I'll post finished product pics soon!!
I'm planning on doing some sewing projects too!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Typical Day with the Pierce's

So I'm sure you are just SO curious what we do with ourselves all day long at the Pierce residence! (sarcasm) I thought I'd put it out on the blog so I can remember one day!

1. Wake up around 8:30am (unless Cole wakes up with a dirty pull up earlier) Today...it was 7:30 :(

2. Brush Teeth. (I LOVE them brushing their teeth! So much fun!!)

2. Make breakfast. Usually this means Waffles, or eggs & bologna or bacon or Oatmeal! Here is Cole making his first batch of waffles! He was so excited!!!

3. Watch some choo choos...(sadly...this happens almost every day...) Sometimes we watch some Disney Channel or Sesame Street too!

4. Play...This is what can happen in a matter of MINUTES...like when I'm washing dishes :)

5. Eat Lunch. Grilled Cheese, Bolgona sandwich, quesadilla, pizza...it variess...but not by much. Cole is a very picky eater...and Natalie is starting to follow in his footsteps!

6. Naptime. I usually let them play until about 1pm and then we get ready for the nap. Natalie goes STRAIGHT to bed...Cole gets a book. (sometimes we jump on the bed before a nap!)

7. REST...catchup on the computer...read...REST...clean (boo). I refuse to nap during this time! haha! It's ME TIME!

8. 4pm...wake them up from nap (sometimes earlier)

9. PLAY! We usually have a snack and play outside or build choo choos or play dolls...whatever!
10. 6:30ish...supper. Usually leftovers or the same menu as above for Cole. He has such a BORING appetite! (don't worry...I make regular meals and offer them to Cole & Natalie. Natalie USUALLY eats them or part of them. Sometimes Cole will take a taste)

11. PLAY with DADDY if he's home! This is their favorite thing to do! Daddy chases them through the house or outside and takes them on "horsie rides". This usually ends with them all spinning around and falling the ground giggling! haha!

12. Brush teeth & take bath. At this point they usually still take a bath together. They haven't really discovered their "differences" yet. I don't know when we'll separate them...but not looking forward to TWO baths!

13. Read books & pray and NIGHT NIGHT! We read a book to natalie and a book to Cole (usually a dinosaur or choo choo book) I love to see them pray. Cole has started to do it on his own, but they both put their hands together (Natalie doesn't last the WHOLE time...ha!) Cole can make the sign of the cross and they both say A-MEN...and clap their hands together! hehe!

PHEW! Wouldn't have it any other way!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blog Awards :)

One of my blog buddies and Lubbock-Cooper highschool buddies, Kori awarded me these fun awards! I have learned so much from Kori since I've known her. I was always amazed by her faith and STRENGTH. She was an excellent basketball player and we were in FBLA together...hehe! This girl ran her first marathon in November and had an amazing journey working up to it the past year! I'm so proud of her! Those of you running the 1/2 marathon with me in March...thank Kori. She's my main motivation!!!

The rules for Beautiful Blogger are:
1) thank the person who gave you the award (Thanks Kori!)
2) paste the award on your blog
3) link the person who nominated you for the award
4) tell 7 interesting things about yourself (below)
5) nominate others for this award

7 interesting (semi) things about me...
*I had a c-section with my first child and a “normal” childbirth (VBAC) with my 2nd.
*That “normal” childbirth resulted in a 4th degree tear
*I have lifelong consequences from that 4th degree tear :( (worth it though!)
*My youngest sister is 14 years younger than me.
*I knew from our first date that Justin was “the one” (even if he was clueless)
*I’m training for a ½ marathon
*I had a completely different career before deciding to teach. (Employee Relations Mgr with United Supermarkets)

The Sugar Doll Award requires revealing 10 MORE things about myself...
*I’m slightly obsessed with Rob Pattinson and Kristin Stewart. I really want them to be together in real life…
*I've recently learned that I can be mean if someone talks about my babies in a not nice way!
*I love Little House on the Prairie episodes…I cry on almost all
*I love to help people…sometimes that results in me giving advice too often (I’m sorry…I’m trying to stop…)
*I read every night…sometimes just a few minutes….other times until 2 am (like last night)
*My biggest strength is always finding the best in someone (sometimes this can be my biggest weakness)
*My parents and sisters are my best friends (other than Justin)
*I love Keeping up with the Kardashians.
*I had a “growth bone” on my back left scapula when I was little…it had to be removed (shaved off). It was right where a “wing” would be. Hmmm…maybe I’m part angel? haha
*I’m a very good judge of character. My gut feeling is ALWAYS right! Seriously has never failed me!

I'm passing these awards along to some fellow blogger friends who I think will have fun doing this!! :)

Mary Ann (my momma)





Danielle (my littlest sis)

Monday, January 11, 2010

We have a climber!

Cole was SUCH a laid back and mellow kid...slept in his crib until he was 2.5 years old...NEVER attempted to climb out. In fact...never climbed ANYTHING!

Natalie...OPPOSITE! The girl learned how to climb when she was about 8 months old. She started off climbing onto the couch. Since then we have found her on little tables, on step stools, STANDING on the toilet...etc.
This is what I found today when I went into the play room after washing dishes. (actually, she WAS standing on that Mr. Potato head box and pounding on the window saying, "DOG")

Later on tonight I was standing in the living room...I saw her standing next to the table looking at the back of a chair. I looked at the TV and then back at her JUST in time to see her holding the chair by the rungs as it fell on her and pinned her to the ground. (I tried to get a pic of this...but it was heavy and on her head...so we "re-enacted" it.

On to interesting Cole news...HE ATE PEPPERONI TODAY!!! The kid is THE pickiest eater I could have ever imagined. He normally eats pizza with just cheese on it. Today I took off the pepperoni and set it next to his pizza (I was actually going to give it to Natalie). I sat it down while I got the Ranch dressing for him...when I turned back it was gone and he was saying, "MMMM...Cole say YUMMY! MOE MOMMY!" (moe means more) So he ate 2 pieces of pizza and lots of pepperoni! Maybe he just doesn't like pepperoni while it's ON the pizza? Who knows! SCORE!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Justin and I make resolutions EVERY new year. We sit down and write them out and post them somewhere that we will see them everyday. Do we follow through? Sometimes...sometimes NO. I still like to do it though! Here are mine:

  • Run Every Week. (I wanted to be more specific and say 3 times every week...but I know that life can get in the way somtimes...so if I'm running at least once every week...I'm still doing good!! For this 1/2 marathon I'm running 4 times a week...so don't worry!)
  • Spend less time on the computer. (I spend a LOT of time on the laptop. It's taking away from my duties as a mom and house wife. SO...I'm limiting myself to once in the morning, once at nap time and after the kids go to bed...I NEED to do this!)
  • Go to church every week. (When we moved to Childress we didn't go to church a lot, the priest was hard to understand and the community is just soooo different from Vernon's very active church. Plus...Justin works almost every weekend. BUT...we got a GREAT new priest and we have gotten to know the church community...and we love it! Now we go more often. I want it to be something that's non negotiable...we go EVERY week.)
  • Take out contacts every night. (I tend to leave them in for WEEKS at a time. what really hit me is an assistant at the eye doctor that said, "Some people just don't value their vision". That hit me...what am I doing? It's not something to mess around with...I don't want to LOSE my VISION!)
  • Do something that makes me feel like I'm making a difference in people's lives (other than my family). (At Vernon I was the sponsor for Builder's Club and at church we were very involved with volunteering...here I haven't volunteered for ANYTHING! I feel that it is what's missing in my life...I love how much I RECEIVE when I give my time to help others. Giving is truly much better than receiving!)

What are your resolutions?