Tuesday, March 29, 2011

30 weeks 4 days

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 30 weeks 4 days

Size of baby: Head of Cabbage 15.6 inches long and weighs about 3 lbs!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: My scale says 130.5…so add 2 lbs for clothes..hehe…132.5.  Total weight gain:  19.5 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Yep!  I’m still wearing my regular t-shirts and pajama pants though!  I gave in and bought 3 pairs of maternity shorts.  They are way cute & comfy & I figure I will wear them after the baby is born too.

Movement: She was kind of quiet for a few days, but she’s changed positions again and kicks me a lot.  She does lots of stretching that gets my hips and ribs at the same time! 

Sleep: Ehhh…I’ve had better sleep.  I toss and turn a lot…and my left hip is killing me lately!  Plus I’m peeing a lot again…

What I miss: Pretty legs (mine of course).

Cravings: Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (Katy made me break my lenten promise!)

Symptoms: Full all the time feeling

On the upside…I’ve been nesting!  I’ve been a cleaning woman again & have been waking up at 6:50 or so and taking showers (rather than waiting for naptime).  It’s nice and I feel very accomplished!! 

Funny montage of pictures!


Me & Katy….and Cole!  (Notice I finally cut my hair!  First time in about 4-5 months!!!)

30weeksKaty (2)

Me & Katy (& my new bling bling shoes)…and Chandler! 

(PS…this is from justin standing up…I guess this is how he sees me…looking down at me?  Wow!  He really IS a giant!)

30weeksKaty (4)

Me posing!  SUPERSTAR!

30weeksKaty (6)

Me & Nat & our new bling bling sandals!  (yes…I DO brush her hair…just hadn’t yet today!  Don’t be a hater!)

30weeksKaty (13)

Sweet one that shows my pretty baby in my belly :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Potty Training Success!

Natalie has done so great potty training!  I’m truly amazed!  I mentioned earlier that I ran out of diapers and decided to train her last Monday after nap.  By day 3, she was telling us when she had to go pee pee!  She’s had a total of 3 night accidents out of 9.  I’m so proud of her!!  She hasn’t had a day accident in several days.  The only issue we have is pooping.  She goes on the potty..but we have to sit her on the pot and leave her alone for a few minutes…and she doesn’t like to go.  She has not “told” me she has to go, she just comes to me and says, “OUCHIE!” while holding her hiney and walking like a duck.  Natalie has always eaten oatmeal for breakfast and lots of high fiber foods…therefore has always had soft bowel movements at least once or twice a day.  Most days she is now going once.  It’s got to be a hard transition!

Like I mentioned before, we used the “3 day Potty Training” e-book method.  I used it with Cole after we tried everything and it did a good job day training him (never really got far in the night training).  We used lots of stickers for Natalie (one for each pee and 2 for each poop).  We gave her a “Pinkalicious” dress up dress for going poop on the potty twice.  After about 4 days and 3 rewards…she got tired of the stickers and acted like she was going to stop training!  I started a BIG potty chart and now she is working towards getting a new Cinderella dress up dress.  Cole’s rewards were trains and Natalie’s are all about princesses…typical!

Here are some fun pics of Natalie’s potty chart (filled up within 2-3 days!) and her new Pinkalicious dress.  Can you tell she loves it?  She wears it all day everyday!

Nataliepottytraining2011 (6)

Nataliepottytraining2011 (5)

Nataliepottytraining2011 (4)

Nataliepottytraining2011 (1)

Nataliepottytraining2011 (3)


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

27.5 weeks

27weekskatybeth (1)

27weekskatybeth (4)

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 27 weeks 3 days

Size of baby: Cauliflower (in weight…almost 2 lbs)  14.5 inches long!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I weigh 131.  I have gained 17 lbs.  I’m encouraged by that because it feels like much more!

Maternity Clothes: loving my new maternity pants, my leggings, and pajama pants and t-shirts.  Have outgrown some jeans (due to love handles)

Movement: Kicking a ton!  I know her sleep habits and she loooves to be awake around 10pm :)  She is entertaining to watch!!

Sleep: It is good…but I’m up checking on the kids at least twice a night (potty training natalie and weaning Cole off pull ups at night).  When I do sleep, its hard!

What I miss: The Usual…exercise, BUT I’m adding walking this week!  I also miss energy :)

Cravings: Nothing

Symptoms: nothing really?

I’m having a pretty good week!  I made a commitment to count calories and change my bad habits (thank you Sparkpeople.com for the free calorie counter!).  I’m giving up sweets for Lent!  I also want to walk 3-6 times per week! 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Potty Training and a New Laundry room!

Let me start with the Laundry room.  (the 2 actually go together!  ha!)

Justin and I have been wanting a new washer and dryer for a few years now.  We got our old set when we moved in together in 2002.  It was a 1991 model and we paid $150.  It was our first purchase of ANYTHING together and we each paid $75…and we thought that was EXPENSIVE!  :)  With our tax refund, we decided to go for it.  We actually did a little researching and knew we wanted a front loader with a Steam Dryer.  We ended up with the Kenmore Elite Steam Washer and Steam Dryer.  We  really like them! 

In order to install these puppies, we had to take out our old cabinets…they were too low.  When Justin did this, he tore holes in a few walls and the ceiling (the cabinets were built INTO the walls…so it was inevitable).  We hired a great guy to come patch up the walls, retexture, paint, add paneling, and lay new flooring.  There is SUCH a huge change.  WHY did I not take before pictures????  I guess because it all happened so fast!  I found ONE measly before picture…and its just barely of the washer and dryer and cabinets.  Just imagine ugly wood trim to go along with it.  We hope to add shelves or maybe some cabinets sometime soon…but we’re in no rush.  The pedestals hold all of the detergents…and I wouldn’t be able to reach the cabinets anyway.  Did I mention how nice it is to not have to bend over for laundry?  It’s GREAT!!!!!!!


140 141

137 142


Potty Training

I have really been talking up potty training for NAtalie for a while now.  I don’t want to have 2 babies in diapers when Katy is born…but wasn’t sure WHEN to train her.  I ran out of diapers Monday and decided it was time.  She woke up from her afternoon nap and we started the “3 day potty training”.  She got a sticker each time she went pee pee on the potty and after 5 times, she got a “treasure”.  These were princess books or movies (I only bought 3…girl treasures are more expensive than boys!).  Needless to say she got all 3 treasures the first day (starting at about 3pm).  She had 1 pee accident that day, 1 over night and then 4 total accidents the 2nd day.  The 3rd day I had to make a surprise trip to Wichita Falls to get more flooring and I didn’t know what to do…put her in a pull up or just let her wear panties.  I decided to stay with the panties and bring a portable potty.  SHE HAD NO ACCIDENTS!  I was so proud of her!  Since then she has peed in her bed once over night and had another poop accident.  She is fully day pee trained and I’m hoping the poop will cure itself.  This will require me to give her my full attention though…so hopefully by the time the weekend is over!  She likes to go “all by mybelf”…haha! 

How are the 2 related you ask?  I had 10 pairs of panties for her when i started on Monday.  I realized Monday night that we had no washer…the washer didn’t get installed until Wednesday night after bedtime…and I had to go buy more underwear!  haha!