Saturday, June 27, 2009


(This is for Linda who is graciously picking up this carseat for me!!)
Here's the link. I'm not sure what the Serial number is. It's the only girly Graco Comfort Sport Car Seat. "Angelica"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Working Out :0

I have kept up with my Firm DVDs. I DID get off schedule because we went to Lubbock for Danielle's confirmation. But...I started it when we got back. I've now done 6 workouts. 4 more until "they" say you can see the results. I definitely feel much better. My legs are starting to show it...and I can feel it in my abs.

Today I did Jiggle Free Buns and Jiggle Free Arms. Two 30 minute DVDs. The buns aren't so bad...but the arms whoop my rear every time!!! I didn't quit like normal though. I used to lower my weights...but not this time! Maybe hauling around a 30 lb boy and 17 lb girl made me stronger?

On other news...Natalie has a top tooth now! The other is ABOUT to pop through also! She is also able to move from laying down to sitting. Cole started crawling before he did I was shocked at this! She is "army crawling" now. Any day the real thing will begin!

She got to see her BFF Taylor the other day and loved her! They took turns taking toys out of each other's hands! It was fun! I know they will love each other growing up just like me and Amber. I hope they are as close! Amber and I used to write each other BFF letters weekly! hehe!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why do I workout?

Kelly posted a question on her blog, "Why do YOU run?" (I change it to, why do you workout?)

Well...I workout because I weighed more on my wedding day than I did 4o weeks prego with Natalie. I workout because I weigh less after two kids than I did when I met Justin. I workout because I never want to look like this again...(12/2003)

I work out because I lost 40 lbs and looked like THIS! (6/2006, 5 weeks prego with Cole)

I know my horrible stretchmarks won't go away...but I want to at least be that fit again!!! I WILL do it!

My friend Christi is doing bootcamp and is motivated to stick to it for 30 days. SOOO...I'm going to stick to it for 10 workouts. That's how long it takes to see a change in your body through the "FIRM" DVDs. If you know me, you know I'm addicted to them and own about 20 dvds. I'd like to get back into running, but right now I'm wanting to firm :). If you're looking for a change, I HIGHLY recommend the Firm! So far I've done 2 workouts. 8 more! I will do "Jiggle Free Abs" and "Jiggle Free Buns" today!

Why do YOU workout?