Monday, June 30, 2008

10 years come and gone

I made it through my ten year reunion! (pictures later!)

It's amazing how easy it is to step back into the roles we had ten years ago. Some of you would have been shocked to see me shrink back down to that little girl. BUT...some of my high school friends were probably surprised to see a different Janet. (this is what I've been pondering in my head ever since) Most importantly...I spent good, quality time with an old best friend, Krystal. We lived a 1/2 block away from eachother from 7th grade-12th grade. Almost every minute of that we were extremely close. We went bike riding together, went walking around on Halloween together, went to Homecoming together, etc. I was there for her getting ready for all 3 proms. (the first...she was the only one of us to go...and I told her that her hair was PERFECT even though she cried because she hated it..haha). I've seen her struggle with her mom, heard her struggle when she found out she'd become a mom & now I've seen her BE a mom! She's amazing! I'm so proud of her...and she's VERY talented! Her husband is amazing too. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to spend time with her. (And...she's a total knockout...think Katie Holmes!).

It was great to see other people too! Of course there was the b-ball crew...Kelly (cross country buddy/competition), Diane, & Mandy. I've never seen Mandy more herself. I think I really like her husband!!!!! My one regret is not talking to her husband more. He was SOOOO sweet & just seemed like the neatest guy. I'm going to HAVE to get to know him!! (hint, hint Kel!!) Diane...same Diane. That's what I love about her. She will always be Diane. I told Krystal (when we were deciding what to wear), "Diane will be in a polo shirt & jeans, lets just wear jeans". SURE ENOUGH! And her husband is the most amazing guy ever. He always has a hug & tons of stories to share & he's just...well AWESOME! They are the perfect match! I love you girls!

Justin & I really loved Stephanie's husband. He is just so....different. He and Stephanie are the perfect match. He does NOT care what the world things & really lives to his own beat & that is so cool. (I describe him as just cool! haha). One day we are trekking to College Station to go to his bar!

It's funny how you expect to see some people & just be able to talk about ALL these great times you had. Sometimes you do/can. With others you can't. My senior year & 2 years of college were spent with an old boyfriend. Our relationship ended, but I always look back at us & smile. We were buddies & friends & had really funny times. I soooo looked forward to bringing back memories & laughing. I reallly had this strange thought that we would all share a table & our spouses would even talk! Boy...that didn't happen. It was so sad. But you know...time changes things and people.

I had a GREAT time though. One thing I really learned is, while I had a GREAT time in highschool, I'm so glad we all moved on and grew up. I'm having an even BETTER time now. I have the MOST amazing/crazy/loving husband ever. I have the best little boy and a feisty little girl (in my belly). I love our little house we've built up. This is the best life I could have ever imagined!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

10 year High School Reunion

Oh my...I can't believe its been over 10 years since I graduated! It feels like yesterday!

Saturday we will have our official reunion. I'm nervous! I LOVED high school. I seriously liked it better than college. College was filled with boy drama. Highschool was just fun.

Of course...I had always planned on being in super/tip top shape for this. Luck would have it that I'm 22 weeks pregnant! I guess I can't complain.

But then...CRAZY stuff has happened! I have NOT had a haircut since the 1st week of February. My girl charges $60 for a dry cut (so worth it though!! Kara at Tangles). BUT...that's 55 miles away. I finally decided to do a local salon for $20. (see blog below). WELL...they did ok...but I have layers...lots...I look weird. But I can deal with that. NEXT...I wake up right eye is glued shut. I HAVE PINK EYE. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? WHY?? (ok...i haven't changed contacts in longer than i'd had a haircut) Then...the doctor tells me I must wear glasses for 14 days. UM>>>NO! But...I had to throw my contacts away and that was my last pair. I called my eye doctor (also 55miles away) & they refused to give me my prescription because it had been more than a year. SO...I had to drive to go get a trial pair. BY GOLLY...I'm wearing my contacts Saturday night!

Justin told me to just go all out like highschool. Wear glasses and go get braces while I'm at it. haha.

I'm not even going to go into how hard it is to find cute/trendy clothes for me being prego. I'm short, have no boobs, and I have a new fat a$$. GREAT!!! I bought all my clothes in the juniors section today. I HATE MATERNITY CLOTHES!

Hopefully it will all go smoothly and I'll have a GREAT time with my long lost friends! I can't wait!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Janet and the bills

Justin has handed over the finances to me this summer. I have not paid the bills or been in charge of our money since before we moved in together (umm....June 6 years). He always grumbles about paying the I offered.


It's scary and...the money does NOT go very far. I now find myself buying cheaper/store brand items a lot more...and just doing without certain things. I like to see AT LEAST $500/week in our checking account. If it ever falls below that...I FREAK & start hyperventalating.

Where does our money go?
1. FOOD!!!!!! (mainly Justin's snacks...when you're a must snack) ONe day, there were THREE $1.29 purchases from United. I asked him what it was...WATER. I told him to buy a .69cent gallon and refill a water bottle. URGHHHH...AND he has to eat out every day. Ok...I like my sonic Cherry Sprites...but STILL. Oh well. We are both doing MUCH better.

I now know his frustrations. I'm glad I have this opportunity. Makes me a much better spender!

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Fence

We've been wanting a new fence since we moved to this house 4 years ago (almost). It was a chain link. Last summer a tree fell on it & bowed it during our storm. During that storm, our dog Bandit got out & got run over. THIS summer, our new dog, Maverick, learned to climb the fence. We finally decided its time for a 6ft wood fence! It's been in the process since the middle of May. My dad helped Justin put the posts in, we hired out for concrete, etc. Finally...yesterday we started putting the fence up. It looks GREAT! I can't wait to experience the finished product! Please pay no attention to our chipped wood siding...that will be repainted before we move (if that's soon) or next summer! haha

Thursday, June 12, 2008

19 week appt

I totally forgot the thought I'd share!

I gained 0 pounds!!!! Which puts me at a total weight gain of 7.5 lbs this pregnancy. I had gained around 9 with Cole at this point...however...I'm 1.5 pounds over my weight with Cole. Overall...I'm pretty happy with that!

Little Natalie's heartrate was 146! She weighs about 11oz.

Next time the doc will give me "permission forms" for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesaerean). I really want to have a natural birth...but I'm scared too. The chance of uterine rupture is EXTREMELY low considering my low cut. (less than 1%) We'll try it out and see!

Next appt is 7/8!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's a girl!!

Wow...we're having a girl!

I laid down at the doctor's office and the technician started doing her thing with the ultrasound. I said, "Hmm...I think I see the boy parts!". She said, "No...I don't think so". I just sat there with a smile on my face STUNNED. Sure enough...she made it her mission to prove to me that there were NO boy parts!!!

I could NOT BELIEVE IT!!! I have had 3 dreams she was a girl...but I still figured...NAH... Actually...I'm a little surprised at my reaction. I've always wanted a girl, but I found myself a little sad that Cole won't have a brother so close in age. So...I told Justin...we have to have another real quick! haha...we'll see about that!

We got several pics of her kicking her head! The technician kept saying she has REALLY long legs. I'm 19 weeks 4 days prego & her legs measured over 20 weeks. She also weighs about 11oz! Almost a whole pound!!!! I can't wait to see her!! Actually...she'd better stay put & not try to make an early entrance like her BFF Taylor Marie! (My BFF cousin Amber's baby girl who has been trying to come out since she was 26 weeks!)

I also bought the baby bedding. I was in Target and wandered across the clearance shelves in the baby department the CUTEST bedding popped out at me for 39.99 for the bumper, coverlet, 2 sheets & ruffle. It's "Tadpole Cherry Blossom" & is kiwi green & bright pink. I got home & saw that it's normally 149.99! I'm so glad I got it...I LOVE IT!!! (It's much brighter in person than it shows on the pic)