Wednesday, December 30, 2009


OMG...I just typed a huge long post and accidentally deleted it...urghhhh...
Long story parents got stranded here in a blizzard...locked keys in car...took 6 hours to make a 2 hour drive...spent Christmas night in a hotel in Wichita Falls...never got to see my sister...had to plow their driveway with a tractor.

Now...for OUR Christmas...Santa got the kids WAY too much...but they seem to like it! Cole got a John Deere Gator. He likes it! If the snow & ice will ever melt, we'll have a lot of fun with it! Natalie got a lot of dolls and other girlie things. They also got Pottery Barn Chairs from their Mimi & Papa. I don't have many good pics because I let my parents take the pictures...and they forgot to download them to my computer...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is almost here!!!

We are ready for Christmas at the Pierce house! Santa's #1 elf got all the presents wrapped already! (so I heard) The Christmas ornament balls have all been taken off and eaten/broken several times now, the Christmas books have bent pages from thorough reading, and the "magic" that "Buddy the Elf" was making is starting to fade. Cole was pretty good about being a good boy for about one week. One day Buddy didn't even leave him a piece of candy. Cole didn't care.

It's been a busy few weeks! Friday, 12/10 Justin's regional team had a Christmas party in Amarillo at Greg Ammons' house. It was a BEAUTIFUL home! We had a great time & got to see Allen & Melanie, our friends from Vernon. We even got to stay the night because my mom stayed with Cole and Natalie! They had a GREAT time with their Grandma (or "Ma Maw").

Friday, when we got back, we had Justin's store Christmas party. The store catered it and we all brought desserts. It was fun...and we already have great ideas for next year! Santa came to the party also!!! The place we had it at was all decorated for Christmas and there was a perfect scene & chair for Santa. Cole took one look at santa and ran away. My mom used grandma magic on him to get him to go. He was ok in line, but when it was his turn...he frowned & backed up to him...WOULD NOT LOOK AT SANTA! We got some pictures. I'm just glad he didn't scream like last year. Natalie was good too! She just looked at him. Later, Cole decided he wanted to sit on Santa's lap again. This time he told him he wanted choo choos. haha!

On Thursday, 12/17, we had the Manager's Christmas party at our house. It took a lot of work and cooking on my part, but it was a success! I was actually not feeling well the night before, or the day of (dehydration), so Justin cleaned the house. I rolled out of bed at 3pm. Our menu was: Pork Tenderloin (United made this...yummy) with Raspberry Chipotle sauce, Green Been Bundles, Twice Baked Potatoes, Raspberry Vinaigarette Salad, and Mini Cheesecakes. It really was a gormet dinner. We fit 20+ people in our house and it wasn't too bad!

Natalie and Cole are having so much fun these days! They are really in to chasing eachother around the house. Natalie can run it's a little dangerous..but funny! She can also say Santa...."Danta" and runs to point at him all the time. She just started saying "Thank you" when people hand her things...I don't have to remind her anymore. Today...she fed her kitty macaroni while she was eating. Today Cole cracked me up, "Mommy, I go take nap, then Ma Maw come. That be cool?" I had told him that TOMORROW Grandma would come see him. Yesterday we went and drew signs on our driveway for Santa to see. "Cole and Natalie have been GOOD", and "THIS WAY SANTA!" with arrows leading to our door. haha....they had fun!

Tomorrow my parents are coming...I'm soooo looking forward to giving them their gifts! My mom is also going to help us make cookies for Santa! Thursday we have Christmas Eve mass at 8pm and then the traditional reading the Luke Nativity scene and read the Night Before Christmas. Friday morning we will open presents and then head to Vernon for Christmas with Justin's parents. I'm looking forward to it all!

We have been so blessed this year! Merry Christmas! I'll leave you with the lyrics to one of my favorite kids Christmas Songs!

Happy Birthday Jesus
I'm So Glad Its Christmas
All The Tinsel And Lights
And The Presents Are Nice
But The Real Gift Is You.

Happy Birthday Jesus
I'm So Glad Its Christmas
All The Carols And Bells
Make The Holiday Swell
And it's All About You
Happy Birthday Jesus
Jesus I Love You!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Running update

Just thought I'd give an update on my running adventures! I start my 1/2 marathon training TODAY! I will be running 4-5 days a week and cross training/strength/stretching 2 days a week! I'm soooo excited! I need a challenge and a goal...and this is it! I've been doing 3 miles through various routes here in town. I've been scared of the hills behind my house... I ran it once in May and quit halfway up the first hill. Just QUIT! Saturday, I took my dog and we went to attach the hills. It was FUN! Maverick took my mind off the hills and I loved the view. I'm looking forward to more runs out in the country with Maverick! He needs to get in shape too!! Did I mention that I'm running the Rock and Roll Dallas Marathon? I'm VERY excited!!

Have you heard about Ryan Hall? His story is AMAZING!

"My parents were strong Christians," he continues. "I definitely believed, but I wasn't really strongly pursuing my faith. I was playing baseball, basketball, football--I was into, like, the cool crowd at school. And then one day traveling down the mountain to a basketball game, I got this random--I describe it as a vision, but you could call it an idea, whatever--this thing pops into my mind where I am looking out at Big Bear Lake, and I think, well, it would be a great thing for me to try and run around that."

Within a few days, him and his dad ran the FIFTEEN miles around that lake. He was only 13...they only stopped ONCE! He then dedicated his LIFE to running...and his faith in God. I recommend reading the story. He's a humble, yet dedicated young man! You can read the whole article here.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Are you talking to me?

My kids say the cutest things!! Before I start my list, I thought I'd clarify that Natalie's "talking" is probably not understood by most people. I'm with her 24/ I understand it. haha...and who knows...maybe I'm ASSuming she's saying things...but I really thing she is!

  • "Grandma need be nice" this was AFTER a nap...he was scared of my mom...only thing we could come up with is he had a bad dream. After about 10 minutes...he was in love with grandma again.
  • "oops...Cole toot!" (needs no explanation)
  • "I ove you too Mommy" (or Nini, or daddy, or baby, etc)
  • "Cole want Apple" This can actually mean, "Cole want waffle" if he says it after he is asked "What do you want for breakfast?"
  • "Cole not a baby, Cole BOY!!" This is usually after he pees his pants and I ask if he's a baby.
  • "Cole a dough boy"...not sure why or where this came from...
  • "tootles" This has always been Mickey Mouse. On the disney show they say, "OH TOOTLES!" was one of his first words. haha...
  • "atties" Batteries. you may think...why would a 2 year old say batteries? WELL...what do choo choos run on? Batteries. At United there is a big energizer battery on top of the display. Cole always finds it and says, "OOOOH...BIG Attie!"
  • "Papa eel" translation-Papa wheel...or a Semi Truck. Justin's dad, "papa" drives a semi...therefore ALL semi's are "Papa Wheels".
  • "NO!" This is his favorite word these days!


  • "Nack" This is "snack". It means goldfish or puffs. She points at the cabinet.
  • "awa" This is water. She may point at the fridge OR to the bathtub...ha.
  • "na na" Naked. She does this when we are changing her clothes. She rubs her tummy and says it. very cute! (or when taking a bath)
  • "Anta" Santa! I didn't believe justin at first when he told me she said it...but she knows who santa is!
  • "pee pee" Today I was blowdrying my hair in the bathroom. I saw her by the toilet. Then I saw Cole's potty seat on the closed toilet. She said, "PEE PEE!!" So I put her on the toilet to go....she didn't. Oh well...
  • "baby" She LOVES dolls! Anytime she sees one, she must hold it and says "baby". This is why santa is getting her 2 :)
  • "choo choo" This either means a train (we have a lot around here) or a movie. She thinks ALL movies are choo choo movies. haha...

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I've been a crazed reader lately!!! I re-read the Twilight Saga before I saw New Moon. Then I moved onto my book club pick, "Sheet Music". VERY good book!!! I highly recommend it to couples on the verge of marriage...possibly even young women. It really emphasizes saving yourself for your husband. Anyway...every married woman & man would learn A LOT from it!!

December's book club book is "The Christmas List" by Richart Paul Evans. You should read it! It is about a man who wakes up to read his obituary in the newspaper....pretty much saying how mean of a person he is. He wasn't dead though. It follows him as he goes on after the obituary...kind of Scrooge like? Anyway...AWESOME! I cried! Finished it in 24 hours...hahaha!

Yesterday I finished, "The Last Summer (of you and me)" by Anne Brashares. She also wrote The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. ANYWAY...It's a story about sisters and a friend that meet every summer at Fire Island NY. It's about It took a while to get into it...but I hated to put it down & hurried to finish it. I really liked it!! (read it in 24 hours too...I'm crazy!)

Next up: Some book that I got at B&N on sale...forgot the name and it's in my nightstand, Sarah Palin's book, and I hope to get some Jane Austin books for Christmas (hint hint). I watched "Lost in Austin" and I think it's about time I read Pride & Prejudice. I don't know why I've boycotted it for so long....seems like a good story! Happy Reading!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

5 Things I LOVE & 5 Things that irritate me!

What a silly thing to blog about!

5 things I LOVE:
1. Family...Justin, Cole & Natalie...need I say more? I absolutely love these guys!
2. My house decorated for Christmas. My last house was a "Fall" house. This house is DEFINITELY a winter/Christmas house! What season is your house?
3. Baking. I love to bake all sorts of yummy things...especially chocolate things. If you come across a good recipe...send it my way!
4. Running. Yes, I'm baaaack! I love a good run!
5. My new running tights. Champion C9 cold weather tights. they are AMAZING!

5 things that IRRITATE me!
1. Liberals (sorry...but you do...that doesn't mean I don't love some of you crazy liberals!)
2. People who have to "one up" their child(ren) to mine all the time. COME ON! Your kid(s) are beautiful and wonderful...and so are mine! It's a tie...they are all great! No comparing needed!
3. Me when I'm in a bad mood. I say things I don't mean to and immediately try to take back my words. SIGH...I'm sorry if you've ever been on the receiving end of this!
4. Really cold days when I need to run. This gets me off schedule....not a good thing!
5. Walmart. Don't get me wrong...I do buy things there when necessary. But it's the thorn in a United Manager's side...especially in a small town.'s a thorn in my side. Just a reminder...United's prices are either the same price OR cheaper! ha!

Ahhh....I feel so much better!!!!! Tonight is book club! We are having an ornament exchange! Can't WAIT! Childress girl nights are THE BEST!

Monday, November 30, 2009


We had such a great Thanksgiving! For the first time in sooo long, I haven't made a turkey! I love it was a little sad for me. I did, however, make pumpkin spice muffins with cream cheese icing. YUMMY!!
We started off in Vernon and then off to Lubbock on Thursday. My mom, sisters & I went off to Black Friday deals at 3:30am Friday morning! It's a tradition and I LOVE it! I didn't get much...just dvds and some porch lights.

Cole and Natalie got to spend a lot of time with grandma & grandpa and they had such a good time! And it was great to see MY grandma, aunts & uncles & cousins. We were missing Amber, Mike & Taylor! :( Hopefully we'll see you soon!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Running Again!

I've gotten sooo tired of starting to work out and then stopping because its hard to bring a DVD and workout when traveling (which me & the kids do often). Soooo...I've decided to start running again! I avoided it for a while, but now I'm back in! My goal is a 1/2 marathon which will be April 11th in Dallas, "The Big D". My sister is running and maybe my mom! I'm trying to get some Childress girls in also!!!

If you're reading this and thinking...NO WAY could I run a 1/2 marathon (13 miles), YES YOU CAN! My mom had never run in her whole life...well...maybe a little here & there. She just finished a 1/2 marathon earlier this month! It took her about 7 months to get up to it. It is possible.

Right Now I'm working up to a 5k. I'm following a program called "The Couch to 5k". It involves walking and jogging for 25-30minutes 3 times a week. By the end you are running a 5k in 30 minutes (or quicker). today I did 2.3 miles in 25 minutes. Not great...but my best time all year (that involved!) motivation? Sarah Palin. She's one smokin' hot momma who always finds time to run!

Not to mention I love her politics. But that's another blog...haha!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas!

Look what we've been up to!

Trying on Christmas Clothes!
(yes...that's the painted awaiting new plug covers and baseboards & crown moulding!)
CHEESE! After we plugged in the tree (Sunday)

For Suzanne: She was LOVING on her "kiki"!

I am SOOO excited about this Christmas season! I think the kids will have a BLAST! They each have a little tree in their room with lights. We've been singing, "Happy Birthday Jesus" and today we are putting up the Nativity set. One of my FAVORITE memories growing up was putting out the nativity set at my Grandma & Grandpa Schwertner's house. Grandma would let one of us put baby Jesus in the cradle. Usually it was the youngest...or the one who begged the hardest (I was the oldest but begged ;)) Sooo...this is Cole's 3rd Christmas of us doing that!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

Yes, I'm a Twilight saga fanatic. I mean...I tend to be a bit obsessed. I read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse in the fall of 2007. It is my favorite book saga of everything I've read. (if you know know I read...A LOT). New Moon was the HARDEST book to read! The emotion is so real and true...and RAW!
Anyway...the movie. We've had our tickets for over a month now. We got to Tinseltown in Lubbock at 8:00pm and waited (inside the lobby) until about 11:30. We were then allowed into the theatre. It was great! I cried eVERY TIME Bella screamed in her sleep. I'm not sure why...the agony/pain was just too much for me.
New Moon facts that I think are cool:
~This movie was filmed in a "warmer" color than Twilight to symbolize the "warmth" that Jacob brings into Bella's opposed to the "cold" that Edwards brings.
~Originally the "Jacob jumping in the window" scene was left out...but Chris Weitz (director) added it because it was too necessary!
~Supposedly...this is the movie Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fell in love while acting...
~Taylor Lautner almost didn't get to play Jacob. They almost used the man who played Sam. He had to "prove himself". (I'm soooo glad they kept him as Jacob!)
~Rob Pattinson thinks that Edward is much more depressed than Stepehenie Meyer lets on in the book.
~Stephenie Meyer wrote Edward's version of Twilight, "Midnight Sun". (it's only 1/2 done and you can read it on her website). When asked if she would do that for New Moon (write Edward's version), she said would be too depressing & painful to do. WOW!
I can't wait to watch the movie again and buy the DVD! I will be at Walmart at midnight when they release it on DVD!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A week away!

Justin and I decided that we wanted our paneling PAINTED! On a whim we called a local painter. We agreed he would start Thursday. Since he would be painting our living room, entry way, and hallway...we decided that it would be best if the kids were NOT there to mess it up. We packed up and went to Lubbock Wednesday! I thought we would only be there until Friday. Turns out...the painting took until Saturday and it was very smelly. My parents were traveling to Austin and then San Antonio for the Rock & Roll Marathon & 1/2 marathon. They took us along with them!!!

Friday around 4pm we headed to Austin with my parents and sister. Luckily they have a big enough vehicle (Chevy Traverse....awesome!) We got to Austin around 10:30pm (i think?). The next morning my parents & sister went to San Antonio with my other sister, Jessica and her boyfriend Matt. The kids & I stayed with my Aunt Suzanne in Austin. It's always so nice to stay with her because we chat the day away and she loves my kiddos...and they love her! We played with the kitties and were spoiled by Suzanne :). We also got to meet the lady who did the mortgages on BOTH of our houses & several of our friends/family...Carrie. She is EXACTLY how I imagined her...meaning SUPER sweet & beautiful! I'm soooo glad we got to meet up with her!

Sunday, Jessica ran the Marathon (26.6 miles) and my Mom ran the 1/2 marathon (13.2 miles). I was soooo impressed! Jessica did say she would never want anyone to run a marathon...i guess that means it's no fun? Care to elaborate? They both did awesome and I'm soooo proud of them! Several friends of mine also participated in both events...WAY TO GO!!!

That same day we got to spend the afternoon with my cousin Alyssa. She is 18 (can NOT believe this!) and will be moving to Lubbock in August to attend Texas Tech! I'm soooo excited for her! She is BEAUTIFUL and SMART...and has the BEST personality. I can't wait to see what great things she does!!

We got back to Lubbock Sunday night around 11:45 or midnight...then we woke up and came home this morning. Both kids are congested and coughing...I'm hoping it's just allergies and the changes in altitudes...we shall see!!

Natalie is walking everywhere these days! She's not afraid one bit and it's adorable! And...Suzanne...she's been a princess today...sorry she was so gripey after her naps at your place!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Natalie Walking FOR REAL!

Natalie just started walking for real on her own! Not just a few steps!! Such a big girl!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Natalie's 1st Birthday Party!

Saturday, November 7th we had Natalie's 1st birthday party! It was such a blast! I made chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes with pink icing and Mimi brought two cakes, (a big one and Natalie's little one!). We served hotdogs and my seven layer dip with chips.

Of course she HAD to wear her cute pink tutu & birthday shirt...but she ALSO wore her new pink princess necklace! was ADORABLE!

Both sets of grandparents came, her Great Aunt & Uncle from Iowa park, 3 aunts, 1 uncle and 3 cousins...and also our neighbors!

She got lots of fun toys, but she is IN LOVE with two specific toys. Her princess riding toy from Grandma & Grandpa and her tea set from Auntie Jess!!!

At cake time she wanted to dig in and got MAD when i made her take her tutu off. THEN she got mad again when I grabbed her hand before she grabbed the candle. She soon realized how yummy the cake was and ate almost HALF of it! haha! She then had the best time opening her presents and "AHHHH"ing over them & playing! She's having to share her cars & airplane with Big Bubba Cole...he keeps saying, "These Cole's toys..." oh well..she shares nice!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nat's Doc visit and friends :)

Today was Natalie's 12 month well visit. She is growing!
Weight: 20.1 pounds
Height: 30 inches
Head: 17.5 inches

She had 3 shots & screamed!! Actually...she screamed the whole time. She's afraid of doctors and nurses ever since her last doctor's visit in Lubbock. She had a flu swab, strep test, and finger prick to fill a vile of blood. In fact, I'm scared of doctors now too. :) Other than the screaming, she was perfect!
Yesterday, we got to play with some friends while their Mommy went to get her hair done! These sweet girls are 2 and 7 months. The oldest is one of Cole's favorites because she LOVES Thomas the Train! The youngest is soooo teeny tiny! I was afraid Natalie would be jealous...but she just LOVED her! She wanted to give her a bottle, toys, and be touching her at all times! Cole even loved on her! It was a lot of fun! I always love to see my kiddos interact with others their age! The cute thing is...if we are all still in Childress for a while...they will all be in the same grades! The older kiddos watched Thomas the Train and Mickey Mouse, while the younger two played with toys in the sunroom! fun times

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My baby is ONE!

Happy Birthday Natalie Ann!!!

I can NOT believe my tiny baby is ONE! This year has flown! It's been soooo special to be able to spend so much time with her!! We woke up this morning and sang Happy Birthday to her...she was still asleep and cried and cried (she's not a morning girl). Then she realized we were spoiling her and she was happy! :) After that, I decided to work out while Justin took Natalie and Cole for donuts. The sweet ladies at Childress Bakery gave her a free "birthday donut"! We are having her party on Saturday, so today is just the family. I think I'll have to get her a little birthday present for today and save the big ones for Saturday.

Natalie facts:
  • She can walk! Last night she started taking off on her own and walking short distances without us prompting her! (still not everywhere...but this is much more than before!)
  • She says LOTS of words! mama, dada, bubba, baby, more, dog, kitty, night night, wawa (water), Ice wawa, apple juice (strange...huh?), bye bye, what's this/that?, shoe, duck, brush, hi, choo choo, tractor, pee pee, poo poo
  • She blows kisses
  • gives high five
  • hugs her babies & gives them kisses (only when she's in the mood...other time she throws them! lol)
  • She is a MOMMY'S girl when I'm around...if it's just her & daddy...she's all about daddy!
  • She does NOT sleep all night...maybe twice a week she does.
  • She still gets mommy's milk 2-3 times a day...if she will get over this cold I will work on weaning...
  • She is a piggy! Eats a TON!!!
  • LOVES chocolate (oops)
  • She still wants to do everything Bubba does!
  • Makes a truck sound when playing with trucks
  • Can find a choo choo ANYWHERE (wonder where she learned that?)
  • Likes to have saline squirted in her's pretty funny!
  • Has gone pee pee on the potty a few times :)
  • She is sooo tiny compared to Cole! She is wearing 12 month clothes. Cole was already in 24 month clothes at one...haha.
  • In the morning I say, "Go get Bubba" and she crawls to his door and pounds on it, saying, "BU BA" haha! When I ask if she's hungry she nods her head and points to the kitchen and then starts crying...haha!

I guess that's all I can think of...but she's the most beautiful little one year old I've every seen! (and her brother was the most HANDSOME! LOL)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT make a fool of myself today in Aerobics class today. No...I didn't almost fall over doing Yoga poses and then laugh out of pure frustration!

I also didn't watch a scary movie Halloween night and leave all lights in my room on. Bedause that would mean every time I closed my eyes I would see a scary lady with Rabies (I watched Quarantine...I mean...I DIDn'T watch it!)

I didn't spend too much money on my daughter's first birthday photo shoot.

Oh...theres so many things I didn't do this week...that I'm just quitting at that! LOL

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ghost and a Princess

This was the most fun we've had for halloween so far! We did NOT decide for Cole to be a ghost! He did! He LOVES ghosts. Every book we read, or decoration we saw...he would say, "Oh! There's a ghost!" Soo..when it came time to ask him what he wanted to be, he told me, "Cole be a ghost!" I wanted him to be like Casper the Friendly ghost. At first I just wanted to do white sweats...thankfully I couldn't find any because it was about 75 degrees. Instead he wore a white turtle neck and jeans. I cut out a hole in a white sheet & trimmed the edges. For our halloween party, he wouldn't let me put on the sheet & hated the face paint. For Halloween...he was excited! I think he had the best costume in town! lol. I love how so far he has had TWO homemade (slightly ghetto) costumes. Natalie was a fairy princess. There were tiny wings sewn on the back of the costume. She wouldn't keep a necklace on and wouldn't let me put bows or pony tails in either :( So she's kind of plain. After we got done trick or treating at the down town business ( a tradition here), we came home & handed out candy. All the trick or treaters got a TON of candy because we thought there would be a lot more! Cole kept saying, "There's more people!"

Friday, October 30, 2009

Foto Friday

I think Natalie had too much to drink...milk that is!
Chill Ride!

This cracks me up! Look at Natalie's hand!

As much of a smile that I can get out of Natalie!

Natalie & the pumpkiins

In a wagon!

Finished Jack-O-Lantern!

What's in there?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT throw a pity party to my husband today SOBBING something to this tune, "I HAVE NO FRIENDS..." Nope, what kind of sad, sad soul would do that? Not me!

I did not go hog wild in Lubbock acting as though I'd never seen stores before in my life AND put a ridiculous amount of items on our credit card. No way...because then I would cry when I saw the bill and had to pay it. Oh's a good thing that wasn't me!

Speaking of the credit card, I didn't forget to pay it last week. Of COURSE I didn't! That would mean having to pay 15$ "rush fee" to have it paid by today...the due avoid a $29 LATE fee tomorrow. NOT ME! (let me add, in all honesty...we have no CC debt...I DO pay it off every time we put a purchase on it...therefore...I should THROW IT AWAY!)

I didn't have to wash the kid's clothes 3 times in 2 days (same load) because I kept forgetting it in the washer. Thank goodness that was NOT me!

No matter WHAT Cole says...I did NOT hide his choo choos and choo choo books yesterday. He loves those things so much that the books are torn and I have to "fix" (tape them together) them everyday. Not to mention fix the wheels and batteries and anything else all while he throws the biggest temper tantrum in the world. Nope...I did NOT do that to my silly train obsessed son!

Just another NOT ME Monday :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Cole thoughts...

I haven't really posted much about Cole this post is dedicated to my SWEET baby boy! (ok...he's 2.5...not really a BABY)
  • He is talking ALL the time...and I understand 98% of what he says! Funny stuff: "eelk" is milk; "I want to buy dis"--about my dad's train set. "Baby die?"--Baby cry? (I was scared that he knew something I didn't...but I realized he can't say his hard "c"s) He talks of himself in the 3rd person, "Dole want a tookie"--Cole want a cookie. The list goes on. He cracks me up!!
  • He's about 75% potty trained. Still having issues with going poo poo on the potty though...any advice?
  • He's a DROOLER like mommy...poor kid. I discovered this today as we layed down to read stories for naptime and his pillow was STILL wet from overnight. GROSS!
  • Such a sweet, sweet boy. If he sees me sad or someone sad on TV, he gets sad and hugs me.
  • Kid LOVES to dance and keeps good rythym!
  • Likes to keep sister "happy" by getting her toys. Usually the "toy" is a kleenex. They like to tear them up into tiny pieces in our bed. :/
  • He helps me pick up pecans ALMOST every day (since we have 7 pecan trees). He even picks up the empty shells. When he finds a big one he says, "WOW! I show Daddy!"
  • He loves his grandparents. He calls Justin's parents "mimi & papa" and my parents "Maw Maw & Pa Paw" (supposed to be grandma & grandpa). he talks about ALL of them daily!
  • Justin's dad drives a semi truck...therefore he calls ALL semi trucks "Papa Wheel".
  • He's still OBSESSED with trains. My dad put out his train at their house. Cole laid on the floor and watched it FOR HOURS. This is why we have hidden all of his train stuff at home.
  • Still a very picky eater. He likes tuna, PB & J, ham burritos with cream cheese, eggs & bacon, chicken strips, corn dogs, tortilla chips, ANY AND ALL FRUIT, lettuce, cheese pizza, fish sticks...and sweets of course.
  • He's shy around a small group of people...but not in BIG stores or football games. Isn't that strange? I mean...he'll talk to ANYBODY at the store or games.
  • He is now a mama's boy :) I waited so long for this!
  • He LOVES ICE CREAM! Thanks grandpa! (this is their special treat together!)
  • He is still an amazing sleeper!!! if only his sister would learn from him!!
  • People think he's MUCH older than he is...he's HUGE!
  • He loves to "read" as many books as possible! His books are falling apart from all the "reading!"
  • He knows some letters: 0, A, B, C, F, T, F, S, and sometimes E. hehe

I love this little man! He's getting so big and SOOOO smart! He's so loving & gives the BEST hugs!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Party

My neighbors and a few other friends decided to have a "Mom & Me Halloween Party"! It was last night and so much fun! There were 5 moms and 8 kids. We ALL dressed up. I was a skunk (cat ears, tail, black shirt & a white stripe down my hair). Cole was a ghost and Natalie a fairy princess. Cole was NOT happy about wearing a sheet, but he managed to let me paint his face. Still a pretty convincing ghost if you ask me :). We also had a medieval princess, Ariel, a transformer, an astronaut, a clown, and a cute little pumpkin. Leave it to me to not take pictures of anyone else! I hosted the party, so yesterday was pretty stressful! ha! I made sausage & cheese balls (always a big hit!) and chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. Let me tell you...having a play room REALLY makes this house worth it! The kids stayed out there and we stayed in the kitchen (I's 3 steps away...but still!)

Here are a few pics!