Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of Preschool

It's here! Cole had his first day of preschool!! He has been so excited & talking about it so much! I thought for SURE he would be fine today. NOOOOOOO. He cried & wailed, "Mommy, stay here with me!!!" I left...and didn't cry outwardly...haha! I had the two little miss "thangs" to take care of! They played separately...but seemed to have fun. Natalie would randomly ask, "where'd Bubba go?" When I told her preschool, she'd say "Oh, O-tay".

When I picked up Cole & Chandler they were sitting quietly, just painting away! Ms. Angie asked them to wash their hands, so they did...and Cole put away his paintbrush. She said that he would NOT put paint on his hands to do the traditional "first day of school handprint" on the wall :(. (One of the girls I taught for 7th grade about 3 years ago has her handprint up there too). He also wouldn't make a crown. I think he associates crowns with "princesses" and he is NOT a princess. He's always hated me to call him a prince...he prefers big boy. As for the handprint...I'm hoping he does it Thursday...if not, I will try to stay late with him so we can do it together.

They told me all about preschool & how it rained when they were outside & Ms. Angie said it was muddy. haha! They were very excited & I hope it goes as well the rest of the week! (minus the crying!) Here are a few pics! (the ones with the little girls are just "pretend". they wanted to pretend to go to preschool too!) The outside pics were the ones RIGHT before we went to school! Inside ones are after preschool!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Preschool Open house

Our first steps toward preschool have come and gone! This week we had open house for Ms. Angie's and Ms. Carol's!

For Ms. Angie's he was pretty perfect! It was last night at 6pm and he had aCTUALLY taken a nap! He sat next to me and read an abc book :) So cute! We talked to Ms. Angie and he and natalie argued about who would be going to see Ms. Angie (Natalie thinks preschool is for HER, "MY preschool, MY Ms. Angie")

Ms. Carol's was a different story! We stayed up late last night after going out to eat for my birthday and playing outside because it was soooo pretty. Well...SOMEONE (who put him to bed for the first time in forever...no names spoken) forgot to give him his allergy medicine...Needless to say he woke up with a horrible allergy induced head cold of some sort and was crying & miserable. THEN we had a big ordeal over donuts and staying clean. He spent about 20 minutes of SELF INDUCED time out in his room. (as in...I told him when he could stop crying...he could come out...he CHOSE to stay in there and cry that long). Sooooo he was grumpy and tired when we got to Ms. Carol's and he whined & cried & wouldn't share. However, by the end of the hour he was fine, putting together legos and puzzles & talking to the kids & laughing.

Here are some pics from this week!! The one of him by himself was him in front of Ms. Angie's preschool :)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Today is the first day of school for kids in Childress...and Cole will start preschool next week! There is no Monday-Friday preschool in Childress (other than through the school district), so he is attending two different preschools. One, with Ms. Angie, will be on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8am-10:45am. It is a Christian based preschool with an emphasis on social skills. The other is with Ms. Carol...a former teacher. They will meet on Wednesday from 8am-9:45am. It is more "school" oriented.

We took Cole for a little "one on one" meet the teacher on Friday (Angie). He walked in and was a little apprehensive, but he quickly warmed up and found the cars to play with. We are so excited for him! He WANTS to learn and REALLY needs to be around more kids his age...especially boys.

When we left, I asked him what his favorite thing about preschool was. He said, "Angie". Awww...so sweet!

Official, "Open House" for both are this week. Angie's is Thursday afternoon and Carol's is Friday morning. I am really looking forward to meeting the other kiddos & parents...even though we knnow most already! I know there are 10 in his "Angie" class...and we know at least 4 of them.

On another note...I turn the big 30 this week!!!! Mixed emotions...but mainly ready to get it over with!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ruidoso 2010

SORRY! (suzanne especially!) I have been soooo busy! Stop rolling your eyes at me...those of you who think I do nothing all day but watch soap operas! I got asked a few months ago if I would give 2 teacher workshops in Vernon. Of course I said yes...and it took me a while to get back in THAT mindset...needless to say...from the moment we got back from Ruidoso until NOW...that has been all I think about or work on in my free time. I also taught a teacher workshop to sunday school teachers (that was awesome). During this time I started keeping my friend Alana's 2 little girls since she is going back to work teaching. While they are ANGELS and suuuuuuch a blessing to my kids lives...having 4 in the house most of the day is a lot of work (props to you Amy!!!). Soooo....please accept my apology for not blogging and know that it's not just because I'm lazy!


Remember how I posted about how we go to the Mescalero Indian Reservation every year? WELLLLLLLLLL...2 years ago Ruidoso COMPLETELY flooded (watch video)

(we were supposed to go camp THE DAY after this...imagine if we'd been there...when the video said, "mescalero"...that's the rez...we would have been wiped out!!) It never has been repaired. Of course we never figured this out until we pulled up to the gate with our trailer and pickups and the gate was locked. URGH. We drove around for about 2 hours and finally found a decent campground. It turned out to be GREAT...not as shaded and secluded as the rez...but was quiet and peaceful and had GREAT river access. The kids LOVED it! Digging and building train tracks...what more could they ask for?

They WERE having a bear problem...the first 2 nights...no problems. THEN on the FINAL night I woke up to a SNORT (if you've been around bears....you KNOW a bear snort)...and it was right in my ear (due to both kids finding their way into my sleeping bag...my face was literally poking out of the tent...not OUT of it but you know). I screamed and Justin got mad at me (why? I'm not sure??? Denial?) ANYWAY...within 20 minutes we heard a NEW sound...I figured a baby bear got lost and the momma bear was searching for it...Daddy and Justin drove all around the empty campsites (we were the only ones there) spotlighting for it...found nothing. They figured it was a dying deer....who knows...all i DO know is that it was still making that sad/painful noise when we left the next day!

Overall a fun trip...but MAN were we ready to be home! 3 nights with no baths is a LOT...but the kids loved it!! Looking forward to the next time! Cole talks about it ALL the time! "I want to go camping tomorrow" is what I hear a lot! Here are a few pics!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I finally got a Nook! Happy early Birthday to me!!! I've been hesitant to jump on the "e-reader" bandwagon for a while. I like books, I like to look at my books, etc. However...one day I was talking to my dad and he said, "I love that you love to read...but think of all the boxes that you move EVERY time you move and how much space all those books take up!" Well...little do most people know...you see a lot of books in my house...but I have probably 6 more boxes (or more) of books in the attic. I have my "girlie trash" books in my closet (sookie stackhouse books, twilight) and my favorite fictions that just don't look pretty in my living room bookcases.

Needless to say...I love my nook! We got the 3g/wifi one and while the SWEET employees at Barnes & Noble in Lubbock helped me set it up...I downloaded 15 free books. Pride & Prejudice, Anna Karenina, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfeld Park, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion (just to name a few!) It literally took 5 seconds! I walked out of that store with 15 books in one tiny nook! As we were driving home I bought 2 more books (Literary Sweet potato Guernsey society or whatever it's called...ALANA!) and then today I bought 2 more :)

I can access facebook on it...and it's pretty decent! I'm wondering if I really even want an ipod touch anymore! I DID download a newspaper...and I wasn't that thrilled with it...but it was ok if you really wanted it.

Overall I am so happy with my purchase! It's the most expensive thing I've ever bought for my own personal use...so that was a bit scary...but I LOOOVE it!!
After I got my nook I met up with my sweet YOUNGEST cousin...Alyssa! She will be attending Texas Tech in a few weeks & is here for Spirit Days with her mom & dad. I'm sooooo excited for her!! It was so cute to see her with Fred & Laura! They both went to Tech and are just as excited as her. I can't wait to do that with my kids!!!