Saturday, December 11, 2010

15 weeks!

(14 weeks 5 days in this pic...right before going on a long walk in the cold with Maverick!)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along
: 15 weeks
Size of baby: Baby Pierce is the size of a navel orange or apple!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Don't know, don't care. (Ok...I care...I'm just scared to look!)Maternity Clothes: Jeans for sure...other than that sweat pants and t-shirts. My "nicer" shirts are maternity for the most part too.
Gender: leaning toward a girl. Not because I'm hoping for one. I don't care EITHER way as long as its healthy, but i just feel like that's what it is. :)
Movement: Felt a few kicks lately...but i'm convinced I have an anterior placenta because when I use my heartrate's hart to find the heart I'm sure I'll feel less kicks this go around (at least early on)
Sleep: GREAT! I sleep all night long again :)

What I miss: my belly button not being ugly. I already have an outie (Thanks Natalie...sheesh!)
Cravings: Nothing really? Maybe breakfast sausage recipes...sausage balls, etc. (I'm making some tonight!)
Symptoms: Sore boobies & the face of a teenager! (as in...pimple queen...I never had pimples in highschool though! UGH!) I feel like I'm waddling already too...bleh!

Soooo...I'm 15 weeks! I was SUPPOSED to have a doctor's appointment last Thursday...but APPARANTLY (read: they screwed up!) I had the wrong time. My sweet doctor is in Honduras this week doing amazingly GREAT Ihad to reschedule to 12/20!!!! Can you believe that?! Then I got it for the it's only 6 weeks between visits. BUT STILL! I was a very moody and unhappy prego lady! Good news is I SHOULD be able to schedule my ultrasound after my next appointment! about 4 more weeks to find out if it's a boy or girl! EXCITED!!!
PS~~I finally put up pics on the post below! Check them out!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and The Polar Express!

The conductor. He was GREAT! Cole and nat were AMAZED when he punched their tickets!

Happy Cole & Daddy! haha!

Cole and Santa! Not too scared!

Looking at the North Pole outside! They were ADORABLE!

Ready to ride the Polar Express!

Cole at Ms. Angie's Thanksgiving Feast! How cute!

SCARY pic of Justin & I at Target Black Friday morning (circa 3:45am!) we were going on about 3.5 hours of sleep! yay us!

This Thanksgiving was really a whirlwind! This year was our year in Vernon...but somehow Justin got the weekend off! (I know...he's the boss...but it just worked out that way!) We started Thursday off in Vernon for lunch. Linda made a GREAT feast! She hasn't coooked for Thanksgiving in a few I was REALLY looking forward to it! We had turkey, homemade dressing, GIBLET gravy, cheesy green bean casserole, homemade German Noodles (one day i WILL learn how to make them!), rolls, yuuuummmy deviled eggs and all the sweets you can imagine! (including my homemade Chocolate Cream Merigne Pie...which is FABULOUS!) We stayed there until about 5 and then headed to Lubbock for latenight after thanksgiving sales!

Justin and I dropped the kids off at my parents and headed to Toys R Us at 9pm. We waited in line until 10:30 and it was CRAZY! We were search for one special toy for Cole, Buzz Light year with a remote...about $50 cheaper than original cost! I spotted one all by itself and leaned over 2 displays to get it. Immediately we were swamped with people asking where we'd found it (it was by the someone decided they didn't want it). Apparently we got the last one! (I did find one more damaged one...) It was CRAZY! We filled our basket and got back to the farm by 11:30pm.

Friday morning we woke up at be at Target at 3:30am because they opened at 4am. There we were searching for Stinky the Garbage Truck ( was the ONE toy he HAD to have) and Disney princesses. Sadly...we wouldn't have had to be there at 4am...but it was nice to get ALL their shopping DONE!!!! We got other stuff including a Blue-ray player ($100 cheaper...we had a walmart ad to match the price!). It was fun to do that with justin (was not fun on Sunday shopping for a Christmas tree with my wishy washy no decision making husband! He is sooooo picky!)

Saturday night we went to church in Slaton for Grandpa's death anniversary mass (miss you big guy!) and THEN...we went and rode the Polar Express! It was FREEZING cold outside...but totally worth the wait! The kids loved it. People danced to the song "Hot Chocolate" and brought us cookies & hot chocolate AND elves visited us AND we saw the North Pole AND...Santa came on board! Cole was so good and got his picture taken with Santa...Natalie didn't cry...but scooted to the window. haha! He gave them...sleigh bells! Very cute! The only downer was that the Engine didn't look like the Polar Express and my little train connoseiur KNEW that. He knew it wasn't real...sheesh! He had a good time though! They were so cute on there with their Christmas "jamas" as they call them (pajamas).

Sunday we headed home! We found our back gate open and couldn't find Maverick (we knew he had gotten a text from a neighbor). Strangely he was back in his house waiting for us. He has gotten out about 10 times in the last month. Just the other night he chewed through our gate and dug his way 11pm and we found him trying to get back in at 4:30am. At least he wants to come home...

That was our crazy Thanksgiving! Today Justin and I are headed to Plano to stay with Jessica and Matt (WHO ARE ENGAGED!!!!!!!! He proposed Wednesday before Thanksgiving! YAY!!) and then we are going to the Big 12 National Championship Football game at Cowboy Stadium tomorrow! We also get to stay at the Hilton Anatole! Thanks to my husband who is really doing a good job at work!!!!!