Monday, June 7, 2010

My little "Dude" & "Diva"

Natalie has had some major attitude changes lately. Basically...she is a "Diva".

~She has started rolling her eyes. Nobody really believes this until they see it. It's pretty amazing that this little 18 month old can do it...but she does. Just last night our priest was at our house and she was sitting next to him and rolled her eyes at him...he noticed it...NICE! :)

~She says "NO" to everything. This is not just a little's a big, loud..."NOOOO".

~She runs away from us when it's time to do things she doesn't want to do (take a nap, bath, change diaper, go inside, stop messing with bubba....that kind of thing)

~My sweet little girl climbed out of her crib. Jutin had put her to bed and I guess she didn't want to be there because before we knew it...she was at the door crying & knocking on it. Luckily she hasn't done it since (knock on wood).

~She looooooooves to have her toenails painted. Mimi started this a few weekends ago and then my mom repainted them last weekend. Apparantly she just sits there while they do it and even walks on her heels after they are done (so they don't smudge while they are drying...seriously...)

~She is demanding. In fact...I can hear her right now telling her brother "DO IT!" She will hand me things and say, "Open it! Do it!" haha!

Although my little diva can be a meanie...she's still pretty sweet! Just a second ago she walked up to me and hugged my leg and said, "I love you mommy." which sounds like (I ove ooo mommy!) I walked into Cole's room to see HIM on his bed and Natalie saying, "Help Me!" and Cole was trying to pull her up on the bed. That was ADORABLE!!!

My little dude is just as sweet as ever!! He sure talks A LOT these days!

~Mornings are best for him. He will tell you about things that happened "Last Night"...and we think he means dreams...haha!

~He says, "What's up DAWG"...thanks Uncle Keith!

~He loves to play the piano! I got out my first piano book and he calls it, "My book" and he looks at it while he plays. I taught him "middle C"...but I don't know if he really gets it yet :)

~He counts good with his fingers to 10 and appears to be good at play little addition & subrtractions games with him and he gets it!

~He is completely, 100% potty trained when it comes to pee. He has gone #2 on the potty twice this week...I think it's on its way!!!!! WHEW!

~Swimming is FUN for him! He loves the kiddie pool which is 2ft at the deepest & enjoys playing with us or by himself!

~He is soooo much more outgoing now! Last summer at the pool, he stuck by me and would NOT associate with other kids. This summer he has already made a few friends at the pool and when we've had people over. This just makes me soooo happy! I was so afraid he was going to be deathly shy his whole life....but he's kind of starting to get ornery around other kids!! I love it! Hahaha

We've been having fun and I hope to get some more pics up soon!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Travelin' days!

Janet, Danielle(the baby), Jessica (the middle/golden child)
I loooooove this pic my mom took of us!!! I loooove my sisters too!! We don't get to all be together that often, so it's special when we do! Danielle is with me for a week and a half! So...I have a built in babysitter!!! YAY! haha! jk Danielle!
Natalie in her swimsuit...she didn't even get in the water...scaredy cat!

Natalie at Chuck E Cheese. She was afraid of that green bug in the background...but liked the fire truck. It looks like she's riding a motorcycle. And...I promise her hair was fixed...even though itdoesn't look like it...

Me & my girl. Sooooo cute!

My piano after hours of dusting & oiling it! I love it!

They got to play it before I even did! haha! (this was before I dusted it & oiled it). I truly believe this is the best $75 I ever spent! We love it! It is a Hamilton (made by Baldwin). I'm thinking it was made circa 1920...maybe older. The keys all look amazing...just needs tuning!
Day at the park with the Chisums! This was our last day of me keeping them this spring! We are already missing "nandler & Bwynn" (Chandler & Brynn). Here are Cole & Chandler talking on the "phone"

"Hi Nandler!"

"I think he said he's my friend!"

"Um...Janet...It's hot! Please make sure you put sunscreen on me this time and NOT diaper cream!"
How old are you Natalie? "Five!" (and this is what she showed me!) I don't know why she thinks shes she's five, but if you tell her that she's one, she says, "Oh, one" and holds up one finger!
Hello tree!

Strange Chuck E. Cheese ride :)

Taking a walk in the trees and the farm :) she was too scared to go by herself so "bubba" held her hand! And of course Tank and Daisy protected them!

Cole's Great Granny (I call her Grandma) reading him "The Little Engine That Could". They have a VERY special relationship...he loves her soooo much! He can't wait to give her hugs every time he sees her! And...surprise surprise...Natalie is the same way now! We had to give Granny a few hugs when we left!

We went to Cedar Park for Alyssa's (my cousin) graduation. She graduated from Georgetown and is going to Texas Tech in the fall! We are VERY excited!!! A LOT of Schwertners stayed at my Aunt Suzanne's house and it was a blast! It's always good to visit with them! The kids were great...except the day Natalie didn't get a nap. She SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER for about 30 minutes before bed. I felt bad because she's not usually like that! (ok...NEVER like that!) Cole had a great time and hung out with the boys a lot...even learned a new phrase..."What's up DAWG?"
We then went BACK to Lubbock (Wilson) for a few days. The kiddos rode the tractor and played outside a lot. They love my it's always relaxing for me when I visit! Danielle came home with us and now we are hoping to spend many days at the pool! We have a busy weekend I will take Danielle back to Wilson and we will celebrate my great uncle's move from our diocese to another (he's a priest). Then on June 29th I go BACK to Lubbock to watch Eclipse (well..Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse all in the same theatre!). The weekend of July 10th we have a family reunion in Georgetown...haha! And then the first week of August we are going to the mountains! (hopefully!) Phew!