Monday, December 31, 2007

So far so good!

I did my 2nd workout today! I was REALLY sore this morning, but after the workout I feel much better. I need to focus on my water intake now!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Road to weightloss begins!

Hello! I did my first workout today...the Firm "Complete Body Shaping" with Christa. My favorite! I have the entire month of January booked for workouts and have marked where the 10th is to see how much I lose by then. (January 15th). I'm going to post my stats & my weight goal.

Weight: 119.8
Goal Weight: 112
Waist: 30.5
Bootie: 38
Thigh: 22.75
Arm: 10.12

(I'm all around bigger than I was 2 months after I had Cole...EEK...MOTIVATION)

If you want to join me & want me to post your stats...let me know! There's no better motivation than knowing other people will see your stats! I will re-post the inches on January 15th. I figure I'll put my new weight every Thursday...that's weight watchers day! I CANNOT go higher than 120 or I will have to start paying! (118 was my lifetime weight).

Before you go judging me...saying I'm at a great weight...I'll explain my reasons!

I was actually down to below 109 while I was prego. I was in GREAT shape. Now my muscles are not visible beneath a layer of fat. Basically I've traded muscle for fat. If I weighed 120 & was fit...I'd be fine...but I'm not fit at all. So...THERE! hehe

Here's my workout rotation this week:
Sunday: Complete Body Shaping
Monday: Fat Blasting Cardio
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Total Muscle Shaping
Thursay: Jiggle Free Abs
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Fat Blasting Cardio

Friday, December 28, 2007


It's come & gone...amazing! We had such an amazing time as a family this year! It is so hard to stay focused on the real reason for Christmas with a little one! But...nobody can afford NOT to remember the reason. As we sat in church Christmas Eve...I listened to the Christmas Gospel reading & tried to imagine what it must have been like to be Mary. To hold your little child & know that he was God's child...literally! To know that she only had a short time with him...that his purpose was an almighty purpose. Wow... and to think that Jesus was a little baby full of wonder & adventure just like Cole. I love to see the Holy Family as the "regular" people they were...not "royalty".

Well...Cole got sooo many presents. From us he got a wagon, tricycle & other small things. He got a truck, police car & bath toys from Grandma & Grandpa. Mimi & Papa got him a ton of clothes, a cute chair singing thing, a belt buckle & a radio flyer horse to ride. He loves all the toys & especially the horse. He rides that thing all day! I think he's going to want to be a cowboy like his cousins.

I got an AMAZING gift from Justin. A new Nikon SLR camera (D40X)10.2 megapixels. I figured I was getting something big...but not this much. It came with a regular lense & a zoom lense, 2 batteries and a great bag. I mean...this thing is AWESOME! I can't wait to see all the great pics I can take!!!! Here's an example of a pic it takes.

Jess & her boyfriend, Adam visited also. He is so sweet. He brought us his homemade pumpkin bread & it is AMAZING. He also brought us GREAT gifts! So genuine & sweet. Jessica's ALMOST as lucky as Adam is! hehe...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Weight Loss Challenge

I'm so pumped after watching The Biggest Loser finale last night.

I'm up about 5 lbs this month. Which means I'm about 10 lbs away from where I was before I had Cole. I'm ready to be in shape. I don't like this extra "baggage".

Justin and I are starting the DAY after Christmas (I'm really trying to begin today). I just can't believe I weighed less about 2 months after Cole was born...than I do now. My legs were booty smaller. I REALLY want to feel healthy. I also want to be in great shape so we can start trying for another baby at the end of the summer.

If you want to join me...let me know! I'll try to post a weekly check in so you can post everytime you workout or whatever. I need motivation from friends & family to make it work (I'm sure youre the same!) We're all in this together! (in the words of Highschool musical!)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I opened the newspaper today to see a picture of one of my favorite professors of all time, Dr. Michael Flavin, on the front page. He taught me in the "Legislation" and "Municipal and Metropolitain Problems" (government classes). We spent many afternoons at Market Street chatting about life and politics. He always remembered me and was always on my letter of references. No matter how many years had passed...I always new I could ask him for one...he insisted!

Now...he's not dead...or even deathly ill. It's just so sad. His mind is so great...I hate to think of it deteriorating. a common soul...I wonder if that might happen to me one day. Nothing can prevent it.

Anyway...Here's to Dr. Flavin...a great mind...and an even greater person...May the medical geniuses of the world find a cure and your mind be spared!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Date weekend!

Justin did NOT go hunting this weekend. I was a mean wife and asked him to stay. I can't tell you how much it meant to me that he did it. I told him that ALL weekend long.

Friday he cooked for sirloin patties for us (very yummy!) Saturday we left Cole at Linda's and we went shopping in Wichita Falls and then ate at Red Lobster (our first date was there) and watched a movie (Awake). It was soooo much fun! We really needed a day like that!

Sunday we went to church and got VERY lazy & cozy....Cole had a 3 hour nap, so Justin and I played dominos while it was so dreary outside. (Ok...we forgot how to play and had to call both sets of parents...but we figured it out!)

Tonight was a United Managers Christmas party and tomorrow night is the employee party. It's been busy...but so fun!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Argument and Forgiveness

Justin and I had an argument today.

I asked him this morning what days he is off this week...he said Friday and Saturday. My eyes lit up..."Really?"!!!! Then he looked at me funny..., "yeah...the hunting trip". Oh...

I'm so happy he's going hunting...he deserves to go have fun, but what about me? I threw a typical Janet fit. Full of..."I never get ME time", "Must be nice to go do something you want to do"...etc. That's all true, but the REAL reason I was/am upset is because I MISS him! I only get him for 12 weekends a year and I'm very stingy with them. We will not be able to go shopping for Christmas gifts together this year. His remaining days off before Christmas will be during the week and I will be working. On his days off during the week, I don't see him until 5pm (my usual time to leave work). Even if I do find someone to watch Cole...what's there to do in Vernon?

Of course he thinks I'm just mean because I don't want him to have any fun...and that's not true, but he doesn't understand my point of view. When I go out of town for a weekend, I think he looks forward to it so he can be alone. Who knows when I'll get a weekend away by myself.

MOVING ON....I don't want to get angry again!!! hehe

At church today, the message was "Stay AWAKE!" because you don't know the day the Lord will come. I want to be ready...and holding on to petty arguments is something that I definitely need to get away from. I went into church and prayed...and told God, "I'm angry...please just ignore that". It's amazing how by the end of mass I had forgiven Justin and began trying to find the real reason I was upset.

I want to be ready...I felt that in church today I couldn't officially say I AM READY. There've been many times I have been...but not today. Wow...what a big responsibility parents have to make sure their babies are ready too!

Another thing I realized today is that I've been waiting on Justin to be home to go to church. Really...he only gets 12 weekends off a am I only going to go to church 12 times a year? Before Cole I went every Sunday or Saturday. I should be ESPECIALLY doing this WITH him! It's hard by myself...but I WILL do it! It's neat knowing that he's Catholic along with me! He loves church and all the people there.

As we walked in, we were welcomed by all of our parish friends..and I regretted not being there more often...they didn't care though...they were so happy to see us. We WILL be there more!