Saturday, August 30, 2008

31 week appt

I went in on Thursday. Turns out that Natalie is head down...finally! AND...drumroll please...the placenta has moved up & out of the way!!! I can attempt a VBAC! (doc is doubtful...but I'm hopeful & open to all options). My cervix was nice & long meaning that I shouldn't go into labor in the next month at least (I'm sure MUCH longer than that though!)

Funny story...I have an "outie" belly button. Turns out it's a hernia. The hole from MY umbilical cord has opened & now I have bowels poking through (small intestines) which force my navel out. GROSS! You know you're a middle school teacher when you get excited to tell your students a gross story like that!

Weight: 134 (gained 22 pounds so far)

She is kicking me like crazy these days & I'm hoping she never finds my ribs!!!

I got sick this first week of school & am soooo thankful for the 3 day weekend! I need to catch up on sleep & school work (already). My kids are great though! I see opportunities to sneak into their lives & grow them! I love teaching!!! My birthday was the 2nd day of school & I got 3 b-day cards, 2 pans of brownies and flowers from my students! It was GREAT!

Speaking of my birthday...Justin got me a GREAT gift. I "flip" cam. It takes videos & is smaller than my blackberry. I'll try to post some videos soon. I also bought myself a sewing machine. I'll attempt my first sewing since 10th grade soon! Wish me luck!

Monday, August 11, 2008

28.5 week Ultrasound

We had the ultrasound today to see if they placenta has moved away from my cervix (of course they wouldn't tell me). Apparently no news is good news...but I'm calling back tomorrow!

She IS still a girl!!! She is also sideways breech. Her head is at the right of my belly & her booty is at the left. I hope she moves head down or we're destined for a c-section. I won't consider them trying to move her from the outside since I've had a c-section already. So...if by 34-36 weeks she hasn' moved, I'm going to schedule one. At this point, I just want her out & healthy! (haha...& I'm only 28 weeks prego)

They said she weighs about 2.5 lbs, but I take that with a grain of salt!

This is her best pic. It's of her face. It's sideways, so lean your head to the left. hehe...I hope you can see looks like she has chubby cheeks like big brother Cole! Speaking of big brother, he had a doctor's appt today! Look on his page for updates!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Natalie's Room so far...

Wednesday night my Aunt Suzanne came to help decorate. Justin painted also! We chose a green color...Willowbrook. The green is so much brighter in person! I don't know why you can't tell...maybe it was the light in the room!!

The main things we accomplished were:

1. The paint

2. Cleaning the windows (a nasty but easy task)

3. The valances (aunt suzanne made)

4. Natalie's name in cardboard letters with scrapbooking on top (thanks for the idea Stephanie!)

The crib is ordered, the changing table will arrive today (we got it for $15 at a garage sale in Lubbock), and we are using a rustic wood colored dresser for her dresser. (we didn't find a cheap/yet cute dresser & didn't want this one to rot in the garage) Oh...and we have a wooden rocking chair that Justin's granny Pierce used to rock him in.

Here are a few pics!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

27.5 week Doctor Appt.

Weight: 130.5 (WOW!)
Total Weight Gain: 18 (in the low-normal range)
Heartrate: very fast....didn't ask for it.

I'm measuring right on schedule. I asked the doc about traveling to Dallas & Austin in the next month. He said that was fine. I have an u/s on monday to make sure my placenta has moved! Hopefully it has and Natalie is still a girl...haha.

Also had my glucose test & that is fine, but I'm low on iron. BLAH...I hate iron supplements. They are sooo constipating :(

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cute journal entry from 12/27/2000

We're cleaning out our office to make the nursery for Natalie. I came across my FAVORITE journal entries. These are the last two in that journal. My next journal is all about me & Justin. I think it's so cute & funny, considering we end up together!

Christmas day & I spent 6 hours driving a 3 hour drive to Wichita Falls from Lubbock (the horrendous snow storm of 2000). There's this guy, Justin Pierce, he's a manager at United, but I don't think he really cares for me.

Well, Justin came over last night & brought me a big Teddy Bear!! It's cute!! We went to eat at IHOP & then went to do donuts in the stadium parking lot. Then we came home, pulled out my sofa bed & JUST watched Top Gun, then we fell asleep. He was soooo sweet! I'm afraid to let myself feel the way I want to. I'm SOOOO afraid of being hurt. I mean, he's 24, graduated, handsome...what would he possibly see in me?

Breaking Dawn

I finished the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Very good! I was a little skeptical at first because it was pretty predictable (the new book), but I enjoyed it! I highly recommend this book to anyone! I'm 27 & hopelessly addicted right along with 13 year old sister & students. Sure, you have to love Vampire stories too...hehe. Be careful about this book's 754 pages long. Took me about a day and a half to finish it. Danielle got it at 12:30 am Saturday and was done with it at 5:30pm. BUT...she did nothing but read. hehe...