Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer? Are you there?

I just don’t know if I can make it!!  These last few weeks of school are stressing me out!  I know, I know, you are thinking…JANET…you don’t teach anymore…you are a stay at home mom…that’s the easy life.  Well…yes it’s easier in the fact that I don’t have to wake up at 5:30 am and shower and get the kids off to daycare and I get to see them everyday.  BUT…it’s still stressful and some days I wish I could be teaching so I could appreciate my kids more and WANT to come home to them…rather than run away all the time.  I love them so much, but I get so run down!  So this little peek at my day is for me to remember this craziness and laugh at how stressed I am now…because I’m sure it will get crazier.  :)

Typical Janet Day

6:30 am:  Wake up (If I’m feeling grand, I take a shower, if not…I snooze till 7am)

7am:  proceed to the living room and wake up to the news or most likely Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Cole and Katy.

7:30am:  Chisum Girls arrive and breakfast begins

8:00am:  Natalie wakes up (watch out world…)

10am:  Put Katy down for a nap and shower (If I didn’t already)

10:45am:  throw fishsticks in the oven or make sandwiches for 5-6 kids, feed them,

11:30:  get them all dressed, attempt to fix Chandler’s hair if I remember, as well as wash her face, race to brush cole’s teeth and fix hair

11:50am:  Get the kids in the car after I wake katy up from her nap…and she ALWAYS has a poopy diaper…NEVER FAILS.  (Natalie and brynn fight over who goes in which carseat…they both want in a booster seat though, Cole & Chandler decide which carseat to get in…I realize the back row is down…have to fix it, I wince at my destroyed interior of my car…heart races)

11:57am:  Arrive at Charla’s house to get Kate.  I always say I’m not going to talk, but I do because I love Charla and she loves me :)

12:05pm:  After hitting every little red light and getting behind old farmers, I arrive at Ms. Angie’s flustered. 

12:08pm:  The girls and I drive around and look for old artsy crafty ideas.

12:15pm:  Feed Katy who screams at me until I get enough food on her plate

1:00pm:  I make myself a shake or quick meal….and try to eat.

2pm:  Katy goes down for a nap

2:42pm:  OH CRAP…I forgot to wake up katy and have to rush and wake her and change her never ending poop diaper, throw the girls in the car and rush to Angie’s to get the other kids (yes…another fight over who gets in first, which seat, etc)

2:48:  Drive home and listen to all the wonders the kids learned at Angie’s.

3:00pm:  Try to calm down 5 kids who didn’t get a nap and need one, but don’t think they do.  Try to get them to clean their mess (ha!)

3:45pm:  Wave goodbye to the Chisum Girls. 

5:00pm:  Wave goodbye to Kade

6:00pm:  Hope Daddy gets home soon because the kids have been crazy since 3pm.

6:30pm:  If daddy’s home, I hide out for an hour or ride my bike.  If he’s not, i make supper and STEW about why he’s not home.

7:30pm:  Get the kids ready for bed, brush teeth, read books, etc

8:00pm:  PUt them to bed for the first time

8:03pm:  Natalie walks out, “I need to tell you sumfin’.  I want water”.  Cole, “I want water too”.

8:07pm:  Cole walks into room, “I love you, i want a hug”, Natalie does the same.

8:10pm:  rush to wash dishes, clean the kitchen & bathroom & pick up the floor in the living room

9:00pm:  Natalie, “I want to sleep on the couch”.  (back to bed for the last time)

9:10pm:  Collapse on the bed and look at my messy room that i swear I will clean every day…and instead pick up my ipad and chill and read.  SIGH

12:00am…hopefully i’m asleep.  :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

May is BUSY!

Hello all!  I can NOT believe it’s May already!  This means my baby is almost one, and my big boy is graduating from Preschool!  Where does the time go?! 


It is a VERY busy month!  We have lots of t-ball games (2 per week), end of school parties, 2 graduations (2 preschools), Danielle’s Graduation, Katy’s birthday party and all month with my crazy kiddos that I keep during school (Kade, Chandler & Brynn…all of whom we love very much!)  In fact…this will be the last month with Kade and Chandler…since they go to Kindergarten with Cole in the fall.  Wow!  It’s ok, us girls (natalie, brynn & katy) will have FUN next school year!  Natalie Ann & Brynnie Boo will be in preschool 3 days a week!  What am I going to do with just ONE kid!  It’s been almost 4 years since I have been with just one child!  haha! 


Today Justin and I are joining a great group of friends on a bike ride!  It’s so neat that so many of our friends have bicycles or have recently gotten them.  There are now more girls with bikes I think!  I’m planning on the Hotter ‘n Hell 100 mile race on my birthday…I’m a bit nervous because I’ve never ridden more than 20 miles! 


Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and we celebrated with our friend Danielle Patton (who took the girls’ photos) and her son, Joseph.  Danielle made the best chicken & rice & queso.  I provided the salsa, cheese, and some cookies.  What a great host I am…right?  I owe you a nice dinner Danielle!  I think steaks a la Justin are due!  If you don’t hear from me often, just know that it’s because we have a CRAZY month ahead and in a little over a month Justin and I will be off to Las Vegas (road trip style) for Beachbody Summit!  We are VERY excited!!! 


Oh…and Amy, I FINALLY added your blog to my list!  I love your blog and now I don’t have to type it in all the time! haha!  Can’t wait to see that new baby!!

Tootles all (yes…quite the dork today!)


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Katy Beth is 11 months!

Oh my baby girl!!  Where has the time gone?!  It has flown by and I can’t believe she is almost walking!!!!

Let’s see, what is my baby up to?


  • Crawling EVERYWHERE (and has been since about 7 months)
  • Climbing EVERYTHING.  Even more than Natalie…reminds me a bit of Addie!!
  • She climbs on small tables, the kids pottery barn chairs, anything she can get a leg up on! 
  • Walking---ALMOST!  She is starting to let go and has actually taken a few wobbly/fall over steps.  Nothing official or steady yet!
  • Eating---Oh Katy Beth…you love some food!  She is HILARIOUS eating!  First of all, she eats mostly whole foods.  Sooo…a typical meal is avocado, strawberries, bananas, grilled chicken or some kind of protein (egg/beef/ham/turkey) and I usually try to get a bit of cheese in there too.  For breakfast she eats 1 egg scrambled in the microwave, some cheerios or Baby Mum Mums and 1/2 banana.  That’s a LOT of food!  haha!  For lunch today she had 1/3 of an avocado, 1/4 mango and a slice of ham…and a baby mum mum.  The funny part is watching her eat.  She slaps that table and grabs a fist and shoves it all in her mouth (including the fist).  It’s so cute!  She makes a huge mess but thinks she’s sooo big!  haha!  She can use a spoon…but not really good yet. 
  • Milk---She’s getting 2 bottles a day (around 10 am and 8pm).  The rest is water.  She LOVES “AGUA”!  It took a LONG time to get used to a sippy, but she LOVES it now!  The other day I gave her morning formula to her in a sippy and she did fine.  I think the morning bottle will be easy to get rid of…the night one will be hard!  No juice for her.  She eats at least 3-4 whole pieces of fruit a day so she has no need for it.
  • Teeth—Well…lets see, She has 5 up top and 1 molar and 5 on the bottom and I think a molar about to break through.  Do NOT stick your finger in her mouth…she will try to eat it!
  • Talking—she says Mama, Dada, Bubba, “duh” for done and “ma” for more (of course she can say more at lunch time!  girl loves her food!).  She likes to babble and has baby talk convos with bubba & sissy all the time!
  • Because the girl eats so much…she’s a bit chubby…but it is PRECIOUS!!!  Her arms & legs are so cuddly.  I could hold her in just a diaper all day long and smother her with kisses.  :)
  • Personality—she seems to be a perfect mix between Cole and Natalie.  She smiles a LOT and giggles and is pretty happy most of the time (Nat was a bit grumpy the first year of life, and Cole was very shy).  She CAN get shy, and she is FEARLESS…so she is like them in those ways.  She is starting to get headstrong and when she wants food…she lets everyone know!  So…I’m anxious to see the girl she turns out to be!  My guess is…a LOT like me.  Oh dear!!!!  (Being younger than Natalie, though…I think she will be seen as an angel…lol!)
  • Clothing—Size 12 months.  She still fits into some 9 month onesies…but not pants.  She wears a size 3 diaper…but I think she could do 4.  Size 2 shoes…her feet are fat and short.  haha!

Now for the pic!  Courtesy of my friend Danielle!


and Natalie Ann