Wednesday, April 20, 2011

33 weeks 5 days

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 33 weeks 5 days

Size of baby: 18” 5 lbs and gaining :)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 137.  They told me that was 22 lbs so far…I show 23.  :)  Not too bad!

Maternity Clothes: Yes!  I also still wear my t-shirts

Movement: She has moved to a strange  position that results in her kicking out of my right side most of the day. 

Sleep: Yes…I need it and love it :)

What I miss: Not having a belly to have to maneuver around.  Its really starting to get in the way!!

Cravings: Nothing really this week.

Symptoms: Indigestion/naseua big time.  Like…there’s no room for food and it tries to come up all day…especially when I’m laying down.  :(  Tiredness has returned…huge belly is still here and in the way.  I’m starting to waddle and swing my right arm to get around.  lol!  Pretty much…it’s pretty uncomfortable these days!  Only 5 more weeks though!

On another note, my friend Charla has had had her precious twins!!  I can’t wait to meet them!!!  They are healthy and BEAUTIFUL!!!! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

What have we been up to lately?!

So I realize I have a lot of posts about me and Katy.  Yes, I still have other children and we have been busy!

One big thing that’s happened is we have transitioned Natalie from her baby bed to her twin sized “big girl” bed!  We bought 2 twin beds so that eventually Natalie and Katy will each have their own.  Currently, Natalie is sleeping on a twin bed in Cole’s room.  She is very excited about it and tells us how she’s a big girl…but it’s been tough!  Tough for a few reasons:

  1. Cole is a bit afraid of the dark (has happened in the past few months). He likes to sleep with the door cracked and a nightlight and bathroom light on.
  2. Natalie sleeps best in the complete dark with the doors closed…all alone.  This works best because she tends to play with her animals and talk a lot.  The less distractions…the quicker she falls asleep
  3. Since they are sharing a room…I have to accommodate to both of their needs.  This means we start off with the door open and hall light on.  This results in Natalie being able to see enough to get up and find books, other animals and have a party in her bed (sometimes we have no clue this is going on!).  SOOO…I have to check on her…a LOT!  I walk around with the wooden spoon to spank her each time she gets up.  Once Cole is asleep (poor kid…he hates that she keeps him up…yet loves her being in there!) I shut the door.  This helps Natalie fall asleep…but if Cole wakes up and finds the door shut, he FREAKS out and ends up scaring the bejeezus out of me by standing right next to me and staring at me while he cries until I crack the door and turn back on the light.  Usually that’s the end of it…SIGH.
  4. Nap time.  Cole used to lay in his bed and rest or nap.  With Natalie, they just talk.  I finally had to take him and let him “nap”…on my bed while Natalie naps in their room.

001 003

We will survive though!! 

The other twin bed is in Katy’s room and the bedding goes soooo much better with the green walls in there!  I want to do a “nursery” post soon so that ya’ll can see how darn cute that room is!  I LOVE it!!!


Cole vs Tee-ball

haha!  We found out recently that Cole is old enough to play tee-ball!  We asked if he wanted to play and he did!!  (shocked!)  We signed him up late, so he missed his first practice.  The next practice was cancelled due to wind.  Unfortunately there are no more practices :(  His first time to meet his coach and team was at “Meet the Little League”.  It’s a HUGE event the league puts on to introduce all the kids to the town.  We have about 11 tee ball teams alone!  There were over 200 people there that day!

Well…ya’ll know my kid is shy.  I figured he would be worried…but he was TERRIFIED!  I mean…he made himself physically ill!  He was doubled over in pain!  I actually thought he had appendicitis!  After about 40 minutes of him falling over on the field and crying, (and me threatening to beat him…sigh…), he finally followed his team out onto the field to be introduced.  Did I mention the name of his team?  Oh yes, they’re the LONGHORNS!  Seriously?  haha!  Him and his Daddy are proud!  Cole later told me he was sorry for being so nervous…but he had butterflies in his throat.  Aww…what do you say to that?  His first game is tomorrow!  We’ve been trying to practice here so he has an inkling of an idea of what to do!  When I went to buy Cole’s pants….I couldn’t resist buying Natalie her first cheerleader outfit.  hehe, doesn’t she look cute?!  They both are precious!! 




Cole in his Long horns attire and Nat in her Childress bobcats cheerleading suit!  (ignore daddy in the background!  lol!)


She would NOT pose by herself!


Cole leading his team off the field :)


Cute, cute shirt that Amber made for Cole!  Sorry Amber…he HAD to do his longhorns sign! 


My little beauty queen still sucking those fingers!  I’m happy to say its usually only at night and when she’s really tired :)



My boy in his froggie towel.  I figured he’s getting so big he won’t be wearing it much longer and I just HAD to snap a photo!


Little sister in the same towel…cheesing big time!  :)  PS…they take SHOWERS now…woo hoo!  (for now…quicker and easier for me and Daddy!  ha!)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

32 weeks 2 days

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 32 weeks 2 days

Size of baby: The weight of a large Jicama (3.75 lbs) and about 16.5 inches!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: At my doctor’s visit on Tuesday, I weighed 133.  That means 20.5 gain so far!

Maternity Clothes: Yes!  I’ve lived in shorts and tank tops this week!

Movement: Regular awake and sleep patterns.  Right now she’s got the hiccups.  Poor girl gets them all the time!!  She is head down and usually her hiney is on my left side and she kicks at my right ribs.   Great fun :) 

Sleep: It’s ok…

What I miss: Having the energy to REALLY play with my kids :(

Cravings: Nothing really this week.

Symptoms: I’ve been doing really well the past 2 weeks with a huge energy spurt, but yesterday I crashed and burned.  I mean…I laid around all day and even cried because I didn’t have the house clean for Justin when he got home.  It was kind of ridiculous!

WE HAVE A C-SECTION DATE!!!  Katy will be here by 5/26!  I have it scheduled for 7:30am.  Being a smaller community/hospital…I would imagine she should be here by 8:30 or 9am at the latest!  (Unless she decides to come before!)  I will be 38 weeks/6 days.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Finally we can PLAY outside!!

Justin and I have wanted a playset outside for our kids for YEARS now!  We are both super picky and are sooo afraid of buyer’s remorse.  We looked at Toys R Us and I just wasn’t finding one I loved that had decent reviews.  We finally found one at Sam’s that we liked!  It is very good quality and for the price, we love it!!  So do the kids!  Every now and then Maverick…our 4 year old 75 lb Black Lab decides to climb on it too!  haha!

It took 2 full days work with 2 men (my dad and Justin) and 2 half days work (justin).  Cole also put a lot of sweat into it also!!  He is super proud of his & daddy’s work!  Natalie loves to swing but is still a bit scared of the slide.  She climbs up the rock wall alone (EEEK!!) and just sits at the slide and stares at it.  She actually was going down it JUST FINE by herself the first day and then I decided to catch her a few times…now she won’t go by herself.  Oh well…she loves the swing.  :)

newplayset newplayset (1) newplayset (2) newplayset (3) newplayset (4) newplayset (5) newplayset (6)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Maternity photos

I know some of you have seen these, but there are a few who haven’t!  My mom took these this weekend and I thought they turned out wonderful!  Thank  you momma!!!  (31 weeks, 1 day)


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