Saturday, September 8, 2012

Natalie starts preschool

This one wasn't so hard! Natalie has been going to and from preschool for two years. She has known Ms. Carol and Ms. Angie as long and loves them both. All summer long we have heard her little remarks about how preschool was coming soon and she is a big girl.

We ordered her a pretty brown and white zebra stripe backpack. (ironically, brynn ordered the same one! Ha!). The first day was a week later than Cole's. I didn't really have any doubts that she would enjoy it...but you never know! Coke seemed so excited about kinder..but cried for almost a week. The first day was to Ms. Carols. She only attends Carol's on Wednesdays from 8am-9:50am. We went in and she ran to Ms. Carol to tell her about her backpack and where Cole is. She found her seat and went right to putting together the puzzles she'd dreamed of doing for years. Carol had to remind her to say bye to me. She had a great day and met "Ms. A". (the colors each have someone come bring them a goody...A's goody was an apple).

First day at Ms. Carol's

This is when I realized I have two kids in strange!

The next day was Ms. Angie's which she attends on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am-10:45am. Now..,these two teachers are both amazing but very different. Carol was a kindergarten teacher for years and is on the school board. The classroom is very structured and following directions is huge there. Ms. Angie's class is a bit more, "colorful" and they spend a lot of time painting and exploring and getting their hands on stuff and learn through playing. Natalie has dreamed of Ms. Angie's class because this is soooo her. Haha! (cole loved Angie, but he enjoys structure more, so was more comfortable at carols). Natalie hugged ms. Angie and jumped right in to the fun play dough when we got there and I had to make her let me take pics. When I picked her up she said, "We had a LOT of fun today! We played in the play kitchen and I got to play with big toys...TRANSFORMERS!". Ha! (there are specific times for different things and they do get a bit of free play.).

First day at Angie's

Katy had to be in on this one!

Katy home with mommy! Fun times ahead!

Gymnastics starts neon Monday! We can't wait! (more pics on my camera...will upload soon!)

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